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The Generic Generation

Think Outside the Box: Brainstorming 101

2018 Garden Trends Report: Nature’s Rx for Mental Wellness

Gen Z is not the next Millennial

Unplug from the Internet – Treat Yourself to a Digital Detox

How Using Hedgewords Might Be Making You the Underdog

Four Tips for Creating Media Relations Magic at Your Next Trade Show

Organizing and Maintaining a Clean Inbox

How Snapchat’s Changing Consumer Marketing by Swiping Up

Three tips to improve your software efficiency at work.

Figuring Out How Brains Work Differently, Together

Being Productive This Summer

Don't Get Stuck in the 'Been There. Done That' Routine

Professional Development Plans: Low Risk Investment for High Rate of Return

10 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Blog [Data]

Garden Media Awarded Silver Medal

Stop Marketing to Millennials

Five Quick Tips to Build Better Relationships with the Media

Four Ways to Turn New Hires into Superstar Employees

Who is Gen Z and How do We Get them Gardening?

Time Away from Work Actually Improves Business

Cause Marketing Done Right – Heineken Creates Eye Opening Campaign

How to Be the Olivia Pope of Your Company

How Drinking Beer Can Help Your Brand

Crafting Your Social Media Persona

Cause Marketing Gone Wrong – What You Can Learn From Pepsi’s Ad Blunder

PR Career Path – Experience vs. Education

Instagram Helps Marketers Reach New Heights

Exclusive Sneak Peek at 2018 Garden Trends Report

Spring Cleaning For Your PR Business

How Pitching Can Help You Land Media Hits

The Secret to Nailing your First Internship

Trending Thursday: 2017 Garden Trends Video Series Continues

Best Ways to Stay Up- to-Date in the PR World

Trending Thursday Throwback Trends: Potscaping

Understanding Personalities Can Lead to Success

Trending Thursday Throwback Trends: Blended Gardens

Infographic: The Anatomy of an Influencer

Why Having a LinkedIn is More Crucial than Ever

Trending Thursday: Grow 365 Part Two

What Marketers Need to Know About Millennials

How to Build Your Brand on Instagram

Make Your 2017 Resolutions Last

Trending Thursday: Grow 365

Create a Newsletter Your Fans Will Love (We Did!)

Trending Thursday: Top Throwback Trends of 2016

Garden Media’s Top Media Coverage in 2016

Trending Thursday: Millennials in the Garden

'Tis the Season of Giving: 4 Companies Doing Good

Trending Thursday Throwback Trends: Safe Gardening

How to Plan A Media Tour

Trending Thursday Throwback Trends: Classic Gardens

Infographic:  Avoid these PR Buzzwords

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The 2017 Guide to PR Measurement Part 2

Garden Media Group Gives Thanks

The 2017 Guide to PR Measurement Part 1

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Tips for Pitching Holiday Gift Guides

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Millennial Week Unconference: Part 3

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Millennial Week Unconference: Part 2

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Millennial Week Unconference: Part 1

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Infographic: Be a Media Relations Champion

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Tips for Getting the Most out of Networking Events

Trending Thursday: Precious Resources Combines Necessity and Innovation

Make a Brand Pivot to Attract a New Audience

Trending Thursday:  GWA Atlanta 2016

Tips for Working with Clients across Different Time Zones

Trending Thursday: NaTECHure Deep Dive

Infographic: The Power of the #Hashtag

Trending Thursday: Don’t Ignore VR in PR

Part Two: How PR is like Matchmaking 101

Trending Thursday: NaTECHure Gets People Outside

How PR is Matchmaking 101

Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind this Labor Day

Trending Thursday: Dogscaping Deep Dive

Infographic: Build Your Brand Online

Trending Thursday: 4 Ways to Reach to Pet Parents

Tips For Building Your Personal Brand

Trending Thursday Petscaping: 5 Tips to Create a Pet-safe yard

Interested in a PR Internship? Here’s What You Should Know

Trending Thursday: Dogscaping creates safe paws

3 Ways to Coach Yourself to Better Writing

Trending Thursday Throwback Trends: Aqua Forces of Nature

Write it Right: Why Plagiarism is a Problem for PR Pros (And How to Combat It)

Trending Thursday Throwback Trends: Grow it Yourself (GIY)

Recognizing the Value of Cultivating EQ at Work

Trending Thursday Throwback Trends: Urban Knights

3 Ways New Rules Will Change 2016 Olympics Ads

Trending Thursday: New e-Book Reveals How to Achieve Social Media Success

Infographic: The art of pitching

Trending Thursday Throwback Trends:  Slow Gardening

3 Valuable Takeaways from Instagram’s Explosive Success

Trending Thursday: Layered Landscapes Deep Dive

The Science Behind Catching Your Audience's Attention

Trending Thursday: How to Create a Layered Landscape

Four Tips for Perfecting your Elevator Pitch

Trending Thursday: Navigate the PR Industry’s Layered Landscape

Why Instagram’s New Update is Important for PR Professionals

Trending Thursday: Layered Landscapes Get Back to the Roots

Keeping Things Real in PR

Infographic: 17 Public Relations Quotes That Inspire

Coach your Client Through a TV Interview

Trending Thursday: Backyard Boldness Deep Dive

How I Made the Most of My Public Relations Internship

Trending Thursday: Personalization is the Essence of Your Brand

Let’s Get Visual – It’s the Future of PR

Trending Thursday: Backyard Boldness Transforms the Outdoors

The Most Interesting Campaign in the World

Trending Thursday: The Makers Lifestyle Deep Dive

Emojis are the New PR Language

Trending Thursday: Yuccies are Not Yucky for PR

What PR Professionals Can Learn From Will Smith

Trending Thursday: How the Housing Market Affects Your Garden Business

Let Beyoncé Run Your Marketing Strategy

Trending Thursday: The Makers Lifestyle Takes Off

Speaker Series: Nicole Guarasci’s Love of PR Grows at Garden Media

Trending Thursday: Welltality Field Trip

Speaker Series: Courtney Kates Adapts to the PR World

Trending Thursday: Welltality Deep Dive

3 Secrets to Building Brand Loyalty

Trending Thursday: Thinking Outside the Plant

The Power of Positivity

Trending Thursday: The Year of the Blueberry

Grow the Perfect Instagram Feed

Trending Thursday: Welltality Extends to the Garden

The stress-free way to sail through an interview

Trending Thursday: Connected Greenery Deep Dive

Tips for Staying Productive at the Office

Instagram is Built for Garden Businesses: Infographic

Trending Thursday: The Top Garden Apps

4 Simple Ways to Promote your Brand on Instagram

Trending Thursday: Connected Greenery is the New Normal

There’s S(no)w job like PR: What to do with your Snow Day

Gardening Transforms into Connected Lifestyle

Watch Super Bowl Commercials, It Improves Your Brand

Trending Thursday: Syncing with Nature Deep Dive

“Will you Accept this Business Proposal?”:  How Picking Clients is like The Bachelor

Garden Media YouTube Series Grows in 2016

Communicating while Commuting: How to Improve Your PR Skills on your Morning Commute

5 New Year's Resolutions for PR Pros

Tips for getting the most out of your internship at Garden Media

Garden Media’s Favorite Insta-moments of 2015

Interns take note: tips for getting in the door at Garden Media

4 Ways to Find New Twitter Audiences in 2016

Everything You Need to Know About the Next Generation

Buy the Perfect Gift for the Office White Elephant

The Secret to Great Presentations

The 411 on Phone Interviews

Work hard, play hard: fun in the office increases productivity

Garden Media Gives Thanks to YOU... and Infographics

Create Great Content for Pinterest

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

6 Steps to Rock Pinterest in 2016

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Garden Media Dishes on Workspace Décor

Build Your Brand by Telling Stories

6 Tips to Pitch the Perfect Guest Post


Three Reasons Why Your Workspace Needs a Facelift

Be a Leader People Will Follow

Grow a Brand's Social Media Presence with 3 Flower Pots

The Increasing Importance of Instagram Activism

Tips for More Effective Local Pitching

How Burberry is Staying Ahead of the Curve

How Going on Vacation Can Help Your Garden Business

2016 Garden Trends Sneak Peek

Tips For Making Marketing Decisions

How to Attract Millennials to Your Trade Show Booth

Tips for Brands Breaking into New Markets

Martha Stewart Shares Secrets to Success at IGC East (Part II)

Martha Stewart Shares Secrets to Success at IGC East (Part I)

How Brands Can Stand Out Online

Dream Big. Be a Unicorn.

Snapchat's Advertising Philosophy Creates Valuable Content

Five Ways to Stay Focused at Work

Search Advertising Gets Social

3 Things That Stink About Your Blog Headline, and How to Fix Them

How Garden Brands Can Create Picture Perfect Content

PR Firms Take Note: Be a Summer “Must See” like Shark Week

Google Gives Small Businesses an Advantage

Preview 2016 Garden Trends at Cultivate ’15

Instagram Helps Garden Businesses Explore The World

Q&A with Garden Center Magazine

Pinterest Turns Web Browsing into a Virtual Shopping Experience

Pinning for Winning: Tips for Improving Garden Brand Pinterest

Four Ways PR is Like Gardening

Garden Brands and Businesses Can Grow on Tumblr

Seven Things You Didn't Know About Betsy Price

Tips For Finding An Internship

Garden Brands: Hit The Nail On The Head This Father’s Day

Speaker Series: Jill Swartzentruber Seeks Out Public Relations Connections

Speaker Series: Nikole Gennari Cultivates Creativity

Speaker Series: Jourdan Cole Works to Build PR Relationships

Speaker Series: James Hammond Embraces Hands-on Learning

Speaker Series:Tracey Brown Sees the Big Picture

Speaker Series: Dr. Doug Tallamy Calls for Diversity

YouTube Serves as an Accessible Marketing Tool

Speaker Series: Katie Dubow Speaks to the Future of Public Relations

Speaker Series: Susan McCoy Discusses Dynamic Career in Public Relations

Speaker Series: Lauren Grow Thrives in Leadership Roles

How to Utilize Earth Day to Promote a Brand

Trending Thursday: Get the Most out of Group Brainstorms

Speaker Series: Sammie Arcieri's Learning Curve in the Industry

Infographics Serve as the New Press Release

Speaker Series: Stacey Pierson Highlights Importance of Client Relationships

Crown Bees Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

How Brands can use #Hashtags to Generate Clicks

Trending Thursday: St. Patrick’s Day and PR

Snapchat Revolutionizing Branding for Garden Industry

Trending Thursday: 'House of Bricks'

What Garden Brands can Learn from Dove's #SpeakBeautiful Campaign

Trending Thursday: Pinning and Public Relations

Spring Cleaning: Social Media Edition

What Garden Brands can learn from New York Fashion Week

Why Honesty is the Best Policy When it Comes to Public Relations

Lights, Camera, Garden! - Garden Media Unveils New YouTube Series

How Working in Public Relations is like Dating

Trending Thursday: How Garden Brands Can Appeal to the New Consumers

Tips for Closing Emails. Sincerely, Garden Media

Trending Thursday: Tips to Make Your Garden Brand Pop

What Public Relations Firms can Learn from Awards Season

Trending Thursday: Healthy Living and Your Garden Brand

‘Taylor Swift’ your Garden Brand in 2015

Why PR and Content Marketing Should Be Planted in the Same Pot

Trending Thursday: Three Content Marketing Trends for 2015

How Email Savvy Garden Brands Succeed

Trending Thursday: Influential Customers of Your Garden Brand

Three Things a Garden PR Firm Should Ask Before Taking on a Client

What Garden Brands Can Learn from BarkBox

Trending Thursday: Your Garden Business and Social Media Campaigns

Garden Industry Insiders Give Thanks

Pitching Your Garden Brand to Holiday Gift Guides

Gardening Gets Portable: How a 2015 Trend Impacts PR Strategy

Trending Thursday: Three Millennial Trends for 2015

What the Garden Industry can Learn From Uber, National Cat Day

Trending Thursday: Should your Garden Brand be using Ello?

Announcing: Garden Media's 2015 Garden Trends Report

Trending Thursday: Get More Shares from Your Garden Brands Content

What Bono Can Teach Your Garden Brand

Trending Thursday: Social Media Trends Affecting Your Garden Brand

New Jargon Reveals Garden Trends

Trending Thursday: Keep Your Garden Brands' Pinterest Seasonal

What the Garden Industry Can Learn from Coca-Cola

Ouch! Three Tips to Help Your Garden Brand Handle Negative Online Feedback

3 Tips to Manage Your Garden Brand’s Message and Reputation

Trending Thursday: Social Marketing Trends for Your Garden Business

Developing a Content Strategy for your Garden Brand

Trending Thursday: Prepare Your Garden Business for Fall 2014

25,000 Journalists Share Pitching Secrets for your Garden Brand

Trending Thursday: Back to Content Marketing Basics

Attract Traffic to Your Garden Brand in 4 Steps

Trending Thursday: 3 Data-Driven Tips for Garden Brands on Linkedin

3 Effective Ways to Show the Value of Gardening Public Relations

Trending Thursday: Garden Branding Through Crowdsourcing

What Your Garden Brand Can Learn from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Trending Thursday: 4 Networking Tips for Garden Industry Trade Shows

#Hashtag 101: The Basics of Using Hashtags in Your Garden Business

Pros & Cons: Advertising Value Equivalency in Garden Public Relations

Trending Thursday: Secrets to Garden Industry Pinterest Success

Tips to Use Nature to Increase Your Garden Business Productivity

About Public Relations Measurement: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Trending Thursday: 3 Public Relations Takeaways from Shark Week

The Art of Storytelling in the Garden PR Industry

New Public Relation Metric for the Garden Industry: Conversion Rates

Trending Thursday: Use GoPro to Create Stellar Garden Brand Videos

Garden Trends that Matter to Millennials

Effectively Measure Garden Public Relations Success with the 3 O's

Trending Thursday: Selfie Strategy for Garden Brands in 3 Steps

5 Tips and Tricks to Market Your Garden Brand to Millennials

Will Public Relations Work for Your Garden Business?

Trending Thursday: How & Why to Market Garden Brands' Patriotism

What the Millennial Generation Wants from YOU, the Garden Industry

3 New Ways to Track Your Garden Business' Reputation

Trending Thursday: The Power of Mobile Emails for Garden Brands

How and Where Your Garden Brand Can Connect to Millennials

3 Tips to Measure Public Relations Success NOW in the Garden Industry

Trending Thursday: How the Garden Industry Can Redefine the Gardener

Get to Know Millennials to Effectively Market Your Garden Brand

Planning Metrics for Your Garden Business' Success

Trending Thursday: Social Media Generates Publicity for Garden Brands

Garden Media Unveils "How to Market Gardening to Millennials" Guide

About Public Relations' Long-Term Return to Your Garden Brand

Trending Thursday: Facebook's Influence Shrinking for Garden Brands?

4 Tips to Build Garden Brand Trust-ability to Boost Brand Reputation

3 Ways to Measure Blogger Influence and Public Relations Impact

Trending Thursday: Maximize Garden Sales with Frac'd Up Garden Trend

Use New App, Pippit, to Maximize Gardening Business Content

How Sport Statistics Relate to Gardening Public Relations Metrics

Trending Thursday: 3 Tree-mendous Tips for Green Industry Growth

4 Ways to Attract New Garden Consumers with Digital Content

Measurement Monday: Communicating PR Measurement

Trending Thursday: Cultur-vating, Marketing the Tasty Garden Trend

3 New, Powerful Ways your Garden Business Can Use Social Media

Trending Thursday: Use Simple Elegance Garden Trend to Boost Business

4 Communication Trends Your Gardening Business Needs to Know & Use

Trending Thursday: Superfoods Impact on Your Garden Business in 2014

The 5 C's of Effectively Marketing Gardening to Moms

Trending Thursday: Marketing Digital Gardening as a 2014 Garden Trend

5 Ways Marketing and Leadership Are Just Like Gardening

Trending Thursday: 3 Ways Think Gardens Feed Garden Business Sales

3 Tips to Boost Gardening Business Sales with Pinterest

Trending Thursday: Marketing to Young Men in the Garden this Spring

How to Use Marketing Lessons from #EarthDay to Boost Gardening Brands

Trending Thursday: 3 PR Trends Integral to Garden Business Success in 2014

5 New Ways to Craft Articles for your Garden Business That Get Read

Trending Thursday: Like Bees to Honey, Use This Garden Trend To Attract Customers to Your Garden Business

3 Simple Tips to Improve your Gardening Business Blog

Trending Thursday: Dress Up the Yard Big Garden Trend in Spring 2014

What News Platforms are Gardening Customers Actually Reading?

Trending Thursday: How Can Your Garden Business Spot Garden Trends?

4 Best Practice Tips for Twitter & Instagram in the Garden Industry

Trending Thursday: How to Use Trends in Your Garden Business

7 Secrets to Public Relations Success in the Gardening Industry

"Why Garden Trends" Shares Secrets of How Garden Trends Impact the Bottom Line

Big vs. Small Garden Public Relations Firms: Which is Better

Trending Thursday: Market "Drink your Garden" Trend to Drive Sales

4 Data-Proven Tricks to Get Facebook Likes on Garden Business Posts

Trending Thursday: How to Use Trends to Grow Your Garden Business

Convert More Leads to Customers with these Content Marketing Tips

Learn How to Use Garden Trends to Boost Business and Drive Sales

Use Content Marketing to Engage Customers in your Garden Business

Trending Thursday: Live Plants are a Garden Trend for Valentine's Day

Attract New Customers to your Garden Business with Content Marketing

Trending Thursday: Suzi McCoy Talks Trends with Ron Wilson

Garden Media's Guide to Content Marketing in the Garden Industry

Trending Thursday: Use Composting Garden Trend in Garden Business

2014 Garden Trends Infographic Unveiled

Get Free Press for your Garden Business: Enter Garden Media's Contest

Gardening Public Relations vs. Advertising: Which Is Better?

Trending Thursday: Garden Trends 2014 Whitepaper Revealed

Top 5 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid in 2014

The Mindfulness Movement of 2014 and The Gardening Industry

Trending Thursday: Garden Media Garden Trends for 2014

Happy Holidays from the Garden Media Group!

Is Your Garden Business Ready for the Shark Tank?

Trending Thursday: Does Your Garden Business Cater to the Masses?

Eat a Frog for Breakfast...

7 Facts Your Garden Business Needs to Know about Social Media

Trending Thursday: A Shift in How We Learn about Gardening

Six Public Relations Actions to Take Before 2014

How to Get Committed Customers and Faithful Fans

Pantone Announces Orchid as the 2014 Color of the Year

Trending Thursday: Marketing to DIY Gardeners

4 Compelling Reasons to Start a Garden Business Blog

Looking to Attract New Customers? Focus on Three Things.

Happy Thanksgiving from Garden Media to YOU!

This Year, We're Thankful For...

6 Steps to Nail the Public Relations Pitch

Trending Thursday: Why You Should be a Demanding, Green Brand

7 Marketing Tips for Successful Cyber Monday Sales

Garden Media Reveals the Best Holiday Gifts for Gardeners on 11/19

Trending Thursday: Marketing to a New Type of Gardener, Mr. Mom

4 Ways to Write Headlines that Actually Get Clicked

4 Ways to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck from Your PR Agency

Trending Thursday: Marketing to the Newest Generation of Gardeners

Media Relations Case Study: Secrets from Key Influencers

6 Ways to Take Your Corporate Sponsorship to the Next Level

Trending Thursday: Spooky Flowers & Halloween Themed Gardens

Media Relations Case Study: Media Tours 101

4 Easy, Fun Marketing Ideas for October

Trending Thursday: 4 Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2014

Media Relations Case Study: Best Way to Introduce Your Brand to Media

Top 5 Problems Brands Have on Facebook and How to Solve Them

Trending Thursday: The Hottest Influences from Across the Pond

Media Relations Case Study: Secrets to Connect with Media Influencers

Pinterest Debuts Ads & What It Means for Your Garden Business

Trending Thursday: Top 5 Social Media Trends for 2014

Media Relations Case Study: The Nuts & Bolts of Media Relations

Bring Your Press Release into the 21st Century with these 4 Tips

Trending Thursday: The future of vegetable gardening

Garden Media Group is Growing with the Addition of 3 New Team Members

The #1 Social Platform that Journalists Prefer--and You're Not Using

Join Our Google Hangout Today to Learn How to Use Garden Trends 2014

Garden Media Celebrates 25 Years in Business!

6 Ways to Get Customers Talking About Your Garden Brand

Trending Thursday: How Does Garden Media Spot the Trends?

Secrets to Make Your Brand's Video Go Viral

6 Tips for Tip-Top Garden Industry Trade Shows

Trends: Fall 2013 Color Report

The #1 Way to Ensure Your Social Media Strategy Will Tank

7 Tips to Cultivate Creativity in Your Garden Business

Garden Trends 2014 from Today's Garden Center

The Case for Content Marketing that Connects

Happy Labor Day! Reasons to Relax this Holiday

Garden Media Group Garden Trends 2014 Unveiled on Trending Thursday

Cultivate Connections & Expectations with PR Firms Before Hiring

The Innovative & Cost Effective Catalog of the Future

Seth Godin & the Personalized, Connected Future of Marketing

4 Worst Times to Hire a PR Firm

Improve Content Marketing in Under 10 Minutes

6 Tips for Influential Body Language in Business

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring a Public Relations Firm

Unbranding: Going Beyond the Logo in the Garden Industry

The Power of Reddit for Business and Marketing

How to Hire the Right Public Relations Firm for Your Business

How to Make #Facebook Hashtags Effective on Your Business Page

Online Reviews Drive Sales and Build Brand Reputation

What Does a Public Relations Firm Do For Your Business?

Do's and Don'ts of Real Time Marketing

Crafting Alluring & Effective Posts on Social Media

Product Launch Case Study: Year Three

Are You Really Ready to Hire a Public Relations Firm?

Connect With Social Media Influencers to Ignite Buzz

Product Launch Case Study: Year Two

The End of .Com: Custom Domain Names and Digital Branding

How Facebook's Graph Search Affects Garden Business Pages

Product Launch Case Study: Year One

Effect of 2013 Social Media Trends on Your Garden Business

4th of July: Home of the Brave... and the Hotdog?

Product Launch Case Study: Pre-Product Steps

How to Answer Journalists' Toughest Questions

Instagram Video vs. Vine for Garden Marketing

PR Campaign Case Study: Maintaining Momentum

Email Makeover Guide to Help Garden Industry Reach Smart Phone Users

Create Articles People Will Actually Read in the Garden Industry

PR Campaign Case Study: Target Audience and Media

Biggest Mistakes When Measuring Social Media

To Survive in 10 Years, Your Garden Business Will Need...

PR Case Study: Defining Goals and Objectives

Spice Up Vine Marketing Videos

Best Apps to Boost Productivity in a Snap!

How to Create a Wildly Successful PR Campaign

Compelling Calls to Action on Facebook and Twitter

How to Join and Integrate Google Hangouts Into Your Garden Business

Branding Case Study: Connecting with Gardening Trends

How to Choose a PR Firm for Your Lawn and Garden Business

Branding Case Study: Humanizing a Garden Business

Join our e-Book Club TODAY

The Importance of Caring for Yourself

Branding Case Study: Answering the 4 W's of Your Garden Brand

Exactly How Important is Public Relations?

LinkedIn's Fatal Flaw

Branding Case Study: Branding Personality

Boost Your Memory with these 6 Brain Foods

8 Types of Content Consumers Crave

Social Media Analytics Made Simple

Tracing the Public Relations Trends of 2013

Powerful Presentations for Garden Industry Innovators

Tweaking Your Tweets for Repeat

Branding Bandits: How Do They Do It?!

Facebook Fatigue: Is It Time to Move On?

Illustrating Tweet Increases Your Social Engagement

Where's the Line? Halo Marketing vs. Brand Activism

Traditional Marketing & Public Relations Still Works- The Newsletter

The PERFECT Public Relations Pitch

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PR Firm- Part 2

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PR Firm

Creating a Lifetime of Customer LOVE

Laughter and Business Mingle on April Fool's Day!

Discover 2013 Public Relations Trends

Perfecting the Social Media Balancing Act

New eBook Reveals Insider Public Relations Tips

Innovate Your Next Pitch with Vine

Rebounding After a Public Relations Disaster

Guest Garden Post: Inside the Minds of Homeowners

Wait! Before You Publish Your Press Release…

How to Use Memes in Your Garden Business

How Facebook's New Changes May Affect Your Garden Business

Tweeting Your Way to a Successful Garden Industry Blog

Green PR: Masterfully Recycle & Repurpose Content

Charm Your Public Relations Clients Everyday of the Year

Branding Your Garden Business from Font to Product

Dazzle with Daring, Floral Facebook Cover Photos

Introducing a NEW Punctuation Mark for Digital Communications

How Public Relations Helps Build Memorable Brands

Pinterest Improves SEO: Say What?

Best Public Relations Lessons from Past Presidents

How SEO is Amazingly Similar to Gardening

Garden Media Group's 2013 Valentines: Share the Love

Garden Media Group's Tribute to Garden Design Magazine

What Would Emily Post Say... Do you Follow Social Media Etiquette?

Flaunt Press Releases: Social Media Style

5 Tips for Creating a Bang for your Brand with Vine

The Hottest 4 Social Media Tools that NEED to be in Your Toolbox

Crafting Blog Headlines that Readers Can't Resist!

PR Lessons from the 2013 Super Bowl

Water Your Content Marketing Plan and it Will Grow

Email Marketing: How Much is Too Much?

Online Newsrooms: A Must-Have For Public Relations Innovators

Instagram This! Privacy Policy Info & What YOU Should Do as a PR Pro

Linkedin's New Profile: Own the Change

Social Media: The New EgoSystem Lets Us All Be Popular

In or Out? DIY Infographics

Missed MANTS? The Best of MANTS 2013 for Garden Industry Leaders

Is Facebook Still Cool? The 101 for Industry Leaders

Houseplant Appreciation Day: Why Garden Media Group LOVES Houseplants

Maintaining Successful New Year's Resolutions in the Garden Industry

Please Allow me to Reintroduce Myself- Branding and PR

Marketing Agency Review for Lawn and Garden Businesses

Please Allow me to Reintroduce Myself

Should a CEO Contribute to Your Blog?

6 Tips from Lawn & Garden Marketing Pros for Writing a Press Release

Happy Holidays from the GMG Team!

Have a Sustainable Christmas

What is Inbound Marketing and Why does the Green Industry Need it?

Online Content and How it Fits into Green Public Relations

The Benefits of Plants

Content Marketing for the Lawn and Garden Industry

2013 Garden Trends- Take it to the Next Level

Garden Trends: Emerald Green, Pantone’s Color for 2013

Christmas Wishlist for Businesses in the Lawn and Garden Industry

Using Instagram in Your Garden Business

Embodying the Christmas Spirit: Holiday Cause-Marketing Campaigns

Green, Garden Trends this Holiday Season

Flower Power- Green Industry Infograph

Connecting With Reporters in the Garden Industry via Social Media

Social Media and the Green Industry’s Holiday Shopping Season

Announcing Pinterest Pages Just for Garden Businesses

Thanksgiving "Did You Know?"

SEO Tips for Garden Industry Videos

Video Making 101 for the Lawn and Garden Industry

6 Simple Tactics to Improve The Bottom Line in the Garden Industry

Social Media for Garden Businesses: LinkedIn and Networking

Garden Marketing: The Latest and Greatest Cause-Marketing Campaigns

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