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Grow With Your Fans: PepsiCo's Way of Taking Charge

Posted by Megan O'Connell on Wed, Aug 29, 2018 @ 7:45 AM

rawpixel-760073-unsplash (1)In today's culture, customers ideas, passions and wants change at the drop of a hat or at least at the drop of a new trend.

Companies have a moving target they are working hard to please - their customers

Today's culture of self-care has some companies and industries in trouble. 

So, what are they doing to change that? Read more to find out.

The junk food industry has not been on top recently. 

PepsiCo, the parent company of Pepsi, Gatorade and Frito-Lay, is not known for producing healthy products. They have their diet drinks and low-calorie alternatives, but they are still not the hot selling company they used to be. 

But conversely, the sparkling water category is exploding.

Right now, LaCroix is the hottest selling flavored sparkling water on the market. With it's bright and colorful cans and fresh fruit flavors, it fits into today's customer of wanting something healthy and Instagram-worthy. It makes sense on why it is making waves in the market. 

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Instead of sitting back and letting LaCroix continue to grow without a major competitor, PepsiCo decided to throw their hat in the ring with their own flavored sparkling water, Bubly. They took a page out of LaCroix's playbook and made their own cans brightly colored and happy. Perfect for a healthier, younger customer. 

And PepsiCo isn't stopping there. They purchased SodaStream, a homebrewed seltzer machine in which you can add flavoring as you see fit.

They are working towards taking back their customers. What can we learn from PepsiCo's steps into health? 

1. Listen to Your Customers

Through social media, influencers and sales, your customers are talking to you. Take note of what they are saying.

If a lot of influencers are leaning a certain way, it's likely their followers will do the same. Adjust accordingly. 

2. Watch the Trends in Your Industry 

Keeping an eye on trends, whatever industry it may be, will keep you ahead of your competition. Trends reports are published every year. In the garden industry, things are always adapting to help collect a younger audience. If you can incorporate something new or exciting into your store or company, do it. 

3. Don't be Afraid to Adapt

Don't get stagnant just because it's tradition or "it's how we've done it for years." With new technology, new interests and new customers, you need to be able to adapt to what is needed, otherwise you might be left in the dark. 

Want to learn more about trends in the garden industry? Download our 2018 Trends Report.

And, look out for 2019 coming in September! 

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