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Sneak Peek: Garden Media Group’s 2025 Garden Trends

Posted by Courtney Brown on Mon, Apr 1, 2024 @ 9:00 AM
It’s that time of year again - Garden Media Group’s trends!

As we quickly approach peak gardening season, we thought we’d give YOU a peek at some of the latest trends that we are seeing in the green industry.

From over-the-tippy-top plants to the most useful dog treats (maybe ever?), the gardening world is constantly developing new and improved additions for the industry. 

As we prepare our 2025 Garden Trends Report, we couldn’t hold back any longer on sharing these amazing new trends. Let’s explore the most unique and unconventional ones here.

Read on to be immersed, inspired, and mind-blown by these upcoming 2025 gardening trends!

Canopy BloomsApril Fools (2)
There is nothing better than the shaded area of your backyard on a warm spring day – or is there? If you love your properties trees but want to bring more color to the vertical area of your home, then Canopy Blooms are for you! 

Plant these flowers the exact same way that you typically would and feed them the special food that contains Arborflora Ingredients (AI) and watch your blooms sky rocket.

April Fools (3)Pup-Post Gardening
Composting was HOT last year, and for our pet owners, it just got even easier. I know, you didn’t think it could get any easier, either. Until now!

Feeding your pet your table scraps may actually come in handy after all! Pass them your tomato slices, carrot chunks and any other vegetable that is safe and non-toxic, and just hours later they will begin the process of growing your new vegetable garden for you – right there in your own backyard.

The best part? This allows you to save coin in multiple areas – dog treats and soil amendments! Just be sure to invest in a really good vegetable wash and brush before enjoying.

Tele-pole GardensApril Fools (4)
As homeowners continue to seek vertical elements that combine illumination with a striking sense of scale, we’ve observed the proliferation of telephone poles in yards across the U.S. Hardy in Zones 2-11.

Telephone poles offer a strong vertical growth habit and an on-trend muted color palette of soft beige. The trend of DIY and utilizing what you have available in your area, or even in your own front yard, is surging. 

We highly recommend this trend to folks who live on busy roads that often have telephone poles down – follow the trend and use what is available to you!

April Fools (5)Grandpa Core
Garden Like It's 1929! Dust off those heirloom seeds (because vegetables were cooler in grandpa's day), vintage tools (they don't make 'em like they used to), and tweed garden attire (for that "I meant to do that" look) - gardening's going retro with #GrandpaCore! 

Grandpa Core is all about embracing the old-school charm your grandpa swore by, with a twist of sustainability and a dash of nostalgia. Outdated advice? More like time-tested secrets.

If you are still scratching your head and wondering if the GMG staff is okay… APRIL FOOLS!

If you caught on pretty quick and/or looked at the date and didn’t get fooled, doesn’t mean your customers won’t! They’ll likely find it funny to have a harmless prank pulled on them. April Fool’s Day allows companies to break out of their usual professional shell to crack some jokes and make their customers laugh.

You can use our ideas or pull an April Fool’s prank of your own by giving your product an unexpected twist – just make sure it is timing and some-what believable with enough of a stretch. 

The most important part of pulling a prank is to make SOMEONE believe it’s true. Publishing what looks like a real press release or editorial piece takes the joke to the next level, where some may think it’s actually legit. It’s all about timing and not making the joke look TOO fake. 

Understanding the essence of April Fool's Day is crucial, and it's essential to ensure that your pranks are good-natured and inoffensive. The key is to infuse humor into your actions without crossing the line into being mean-spirited or offensive. The primary objective of the occasion is to elicit laughter from your audience, not to make them feel foolish or embarrassed.

How to use April Fools to level up your marketing game?

-- Making people laugh with humor helps your brand seem more human. It tells customers that your business knows how to have fun and makes your brand easier to relate to. Remember, laughter is the best medicine.
--Chance to go viral: April Fool's Day pranks often have the potential to create a lot of excitement. Take advantage of this on social media to boost engagement and attract new followers.
-- Make the most of your creativity. Got a wild idea? Great! April Fool's Day is the ideal time to be outrageously absurd. In the current environment, a little escape from reality is welcome, so go ahead, go all out, and enjoy the fun!

Download our 2024 Garden Trends Report to stay as current as possible, and keep an eye out for ACTUAL 2025 teasers.

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