2024 Garden Trends Report: Eco-Optimism

The 2024 Garden Trends Report presents seven upcoming trends positioned to influence consumer actions in the coming year. The overarching theme connecting these trends, Eco-Optimism, underscores the green industry's potential to alleviate eco-anxiety among the 1.2 billion young people striving to contribute positively to the climate. By illustrating the benefits of planting natives, minimizing traditional lawns, and growing food, the industry is poised to be a positive beacon and foster loyal enthusiasts.

The 2024 Garden Trends Report offers a new navigation system centered around seven distinct personas: Digital, Bold, Enchanting, Eclectic, Elevated, Hopeful, and Punchy. Users select the persona that resonates with them, guiding them directly to the corresponding trend. At any point, individuals can navigate back to the start or explore other trends effortlessly. 

We wanted to create a dynamic experience with this report, where individuals can engage with the trends that align with their personal style. By offering seven personas, we're empowering readers to navigate directly to the trends that resonate with them, making the report a personalized journey of inspiration and discovery.

Download the 2024 Garden Trends Report: Eco-Optimism