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2020 Garden Trends Sneak Peek

Posted by Katie Dubow on Mon, Apr 1, 2019 @ 3:22 PM

We work year-round to source trends for our Garden Trend Reports. And this year, we couldn't wait a day past April 1 to share some of the biggest trends we’re predicting for 2020.

Grow a Garden on Your... Face

First it was garden crowns, and then it was garden beards, but the newest trend in flowers in your... garden brows. The trend features whimsical garden-themed accents fit for a fairy, including tiny flowers and butterfly stickers intricately placed on and around the brows, as well as a lush-green base that imparts a grassy effect. 

Glitter Foodglittercoffe

There is something shiny! Eat it! From lattés to donuts, glitter is making its way onto the food scene, providing dazzling aesthetics and social media-friendly images. People like putting glitter on their bodies—so why not also on their food? Now, don't get us wrong; glittery coffee is admittedly a tad (OK, extremely) unnecessary. But hey, we're all for adding a little more sparkle to our daily routine. 

Sustainable Living Powered by... Poo

The Pakistani port city of Karachi announced plans for a new bus network with a difference: the 200 city buses will be powered by cow poo 🐮💩 The network will serve 320,000 passengers daily, and reduce carbon emissions by 2.6 million tonnes over the next 30 years. City authorities say the buses will be running in 2020. Water buffaloes, we salute you! 


And that's not all poo can do! At Elephant POOPOOPAPER PARK 🐘💩🌴in Chiang Mai, eco-friendly recycled paper is made with Elephant poo!


While these might seem a bit outlandish, Garden Media Group has been accurately predicting industry trends for over a decade. But you’re right, today, April 1st is a wee bit early for our annual predictions, so stay tuned to find out which trends really make the cut for 2020 …

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