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The Press Release is Dead... Or is it?

Posted by Katie Dubow on Wed, Jul 10, 2019 @ 12:28 PM

Press releases: You can often hear me saying, the press release is dead. But yet, we still write them, We Red Ring Binder with Inscription Press Releases on Background of Working Table with Office Supplies, Laptop, Reports. Toned Illustration. Business Concept on Blurred Background.still pitch them, and we still syndicate them.

And most importantly, they still get picked up and reprinted.

No, the press release is not dead. There’s a right way to do it, of course. 

A press release acts as a way for you to get a message out, especially when you have some great news to share. Or, if trouble comes up, it’s best to stay on top of the story and shape the narrative.

Read more to learn the right way and time to write a release up and send it out.

I ask myself, is it really news, with broad appeal? If the answer is yes then write that release.

But how will you know when that time comes?

You’ve got to have a system, a checkoff list that triggers a release. 

With a system in place, you’ve done half the work. Think of your company as your family. Like a family, it has life events: births, marriages, departures, good grades, and sometimes, bad times.

Company News. Multicolor Inscription on White Brick Wall with Doodle Icons Around. Company News Concept. Modern Style Illustration with Doodle Design Icons. Company News on White Brickwall Background.

With that in mind, here’s how to know when to send out the news, according to PR News:

  • It’s a boy/girl/company partner! You have a new CEO or creative director. Your company has hired a hot up and coming horticulturalist. The garden center has a new partner, a retirement announcement. Be proud, and boast about the new talent.
  • We take this company to be our lawful... .Your company has acquired that startup, and together with your platform and the new addition’s interface, you’ll disrupt the industry. Don’t wait around for the new stuff to be available to the general public. Here’s a chance to build buzz.
  • It’s been real. Sometimes breaking up is easy to do, especially when someone wants out. Put a good face on it and give your side of the story. In a constructive, mutually beneficial way, of course. News is news, and it will get out anyway. So it’s best to be on top of it.
  • We won! Hey, your product/team/gardener/salesperson won an award. That’s great. Tell the world about that hard-earned accomplishment, especially if it’s an award for an ongoing initiative that doesn’t end with the award ceremony. Accolades as you receive the statuette are terrific, but they only go so far. It’s never a bad thing to do a victory lap via a press release.
  • TMI? Finally, know when not to send out a release. Does this news have broad appeal? If not, then a simple pitch to some of your trusted reporters could work just fine.

Need help crafting your next release? Call us.

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