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10 Public Relations Podcasts for PR Pros

Posted by Katie Dubow on Mon, Mar 16, 2020 @ 3:40 PM

Professionals striving for relevance in the world of public relations constantly need to stay up to date with all industry trends as well as current events – it’s practically in the job description.

The news cycle is now moving faster than ever before, mostly thanks to various digital platforms. Aside from regular news stories, a great way for public relations professionals to keep up with the happenings around them is to listen to podcasts that are relevant to the job. 


A podcast by Sara Hall and Stephen Waddington that brings together over 30 thinkers and doers while doing an inspiring study on the future of the world of public relations. It covers the business of public relations, social media, and marketing, while talking about what’s to come.


Talking Pointstalking points

This is a podcast hosted by Kevin Hunt and Arik Hanson, and is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands to go through all of the hottest issues in the PR industry. It’s a monthly podcast for anyone that’s trying to stay in the loop.


On the Mediaon the media

A weekly podcast that is hosted by Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield. The hosts talk about current issues each week and it’s a great way to hear professionals analyzing difficult topics. This podcast has been awarded a Peabody Award for its brave conversations.


For Immediate Releasefor immediate release

Keeping up with the news cycle can be exhausting for anyone – even if they’re not a PR professional. That’s why this podcast, hosted by Shel Holtz, sums up the latest news and PR updates.


Inside PRinside pr

Hosted by Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley, and Martin Waxman, this is a weekly podcast that reviews provocative and controversial issues by interviewing guests, as well as featuring comments from their listeners.


PR Weekpr week review

This is an excellent podcast for any public relations professional that wants to listen to all of the industry news as well as the latest headlines. It’s a weekly podcast that features interviews, opinions, and stories that help professionals keep up with the industry action. 


Word of Mouthword of mouth

A podcast that emphasizes the importance of words and language, perfect for any PR professional that understands the importance of choosing the right words for telling a story. It’s by the BBC and it explores the world of words as well as the way we use them, perfect for inspiration.


Young PR Prosyoung pr pros

For anyone that’s recently landed a job in PR, this podcast explores the world of public relations. It provides the audience with advice, tips and information on building a career in PR.


PRovoke Podcast the provoke podcast

This podcast is hosted by Arun Sudhaman and delves into insight from all ends of the global public relations industry. It features weekly analysis and interviews, as well as in-depth conversations.


The Dailythe daily

Finally, a podcast from the New York Times, which is short and sweet, released during the workweek, talking about the biggest headlines each week. It only takes 20 minutes out of the day and it’s a perfect way to keep up with a crazy news cycle.


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