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Social Studies Lesson 10: 10 Engaging Instagram Story Ideas

Posted by Aubrey Olson on Mon, Oct 16, 2023 @ 3:20 PM

Welcome back to Social Studies!pexels-pramod-tiwari-13288521

In this tenth and final installment of our series, we're going to take a deep dive into the world of Instagram Stories.

When used correctly, Instagram Stories are the key platform for storytelling, and gardening brands need to recognize their value beyond mere feed reposts. By utilizing Instagram Stories creatively, brands can cultivate unique narratives on a more personal level. Curious to learn more about adding the human touch to your social presence? Check out our lesson 4

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Read on to learn how to utilize Instagram Stories to foster audience engagement and establish authentic connections with your followers.

Let's explore 10 engaging Instagram Story ideas that will keep your gardening community returning for more.

1. Record a Recurring Segment

Consistency is crucial when it comes to branding. Consider creating a weekly or regular segment where you can provide valuable gardening tips, feature new products, or share exciting updates. This will help strengthen your brand's identity and keep your audience engaged and eagerly anticipating your next installment.

2. Review a Product

Share your expertise by reviewing a product that aligns with your niche. If you’re an influencer, tag the brand and consider a partnership for well-paired products. If you’re a brand, pay attention to these reviews! Engage with the people reviewing you! Having a few honest and authentic reviews can build trust and drive interest.

3. Show Behind the Scenes

Give followers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at your production/shipping process, product tips and tricks, setups, or daily routines. Behind-the-scenes content humanizes your brand and allows your audience to connect with you.

4. Invite Audience Interaction

Engage your audience by incorporating interactive elements such as multiple-choice polls and question boxes. By asking thought-provoking questions and actively encouraging responses, you can create a sense of value and involvement among your followers, fostering a deeper connection in their gardening journey.

5. Share Other Niche Accounts

Showcase and celebrate the accounts in your gardening niche that truly inspire you. Take a moment to reflect on what you admire about them and share those specific aspects. Doing so can nurture a sense of community and establish positive relationships with other creators. This is easy on #FollowFriday.

6. Talk About Your Process

Give your audience a glimpse into your creative process, unveiling the motivations behind the development of your product and the problems it solves. Share how you research and develop your plants and products, provide tips on using your products in gardening projects, and give updates on what you're currently working on. Also, remember to discuss the challenges you face and the triumphs you experience along the way. This will add authenticity to your content and keep your audience engaged in your journey.

7. Show Your Casual, Personal Side

Build a stronger connection with your following by incorporating personal elements into your content. Share details about your personal gardening experience, favorite harvest, or the gardening book you're reading. This approach humanizes your brand and helps you establish a relatable and engaging presence with your followers.

8. Do a Tour

Take your audience on a virtual garden tour, showcasing your impressive plant collection and inviting them to explore using your product through your beautiful gardening space. These immersive tours offer an opportunity for your followers to experience your world, all from the comfort of their screens.

9. Teach Something New

Demonstrate your expertise by sharing valuable insights and knowledge about gardening. Providing helpful information and engaging content establishes you as a thought leader in gardening, ensuring your audience keeps returning for valuable insights and updates.

10. Share a Resource

Recommend valuable gardening apps, websites, or tools that will benefit your audience. By sharing these resources, you enhance your content and establish yourself as a valuable source of information for gardening enthusiasts.


Instagram Stories provide a fantastic platform to share your gardening experiences and connect with your audience. Try these ten ideas to craft compelling content that will keep your followers craving more. So, let's get storytelling and gardening!

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