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30 Sample Headlines for Your Blog Posts

Posted by Katie Dubow on Wed, Mar 21, 2018 @ 8:15 AM

A headline can be tough to figure out. Yet it is the most important step to capturing your audience.tran-mau-tri-tam-67480

Think about what appeals to you. What would make you click on an article? What entices you to keep reading? 

We outlined ways to write the best blog title ever. Check it out to see how to brainstorm engaging headlines.

After reading through those, if you're still stuck, Kim Garst provides some sample headlines, using the info above, that are effective and unique.

Sample Headlines for You to Try:

  1. The Secret of ________
  2. Top 10 Ways to ___________
  3. Why _________ Never Fails
  4. How ___________ Can Help You Succeed
  5. What __________ Doesn’t Want You to Know
  6. Why __________ Isn’t as Bad as You Think
  7. 5 Tips for Helping You ____________
  8. How to ___________
  9. If _________, then you can ____________ (e.g. If you can sew a hem, then you can make this quilt)
  10. What Everyone Should Know About _____________
  11. The Beginner’s Guide to _______________
  12. 4 Keys to _____________
  13. 10 ___________ the Experts Use (e.g. tools, formulas, products)
  14. How Many Times Have You ____________? (e.g. tried to change a tire and failed)
  15. 20 __________ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  16. The Truth About _________________
  17. The Ultimate Guide to ________________
  18. ___________ Made Simple
  19. 5 Minutes to a Better _____________
  20. Here is What Happens When ______________
  21. Before You __________, Read This Post.
  22. What Happens When _____________
  23. You Too Can ______________
  24. How to ____________ in Less Than an Hour a Day
  25. 7 Types of ___________ That Will Help You __________
  26. Case Studies That Prove ______________
  27. Do ___________ Like a Pro
  28. 20 Genius Hacks That Will Help You ____________
  29. 10 Examples of _____________
  30. 5 Things I Wish I Had Known About _____________

If you were to see your headline on a news website, would you click on it? This is a great way to consider if the headline is applicable and eye catching. Sending it around to other people in the office as a test drive also helps.

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