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Driving Engagement: Social Media's Biggest Heartache

Posted by Megan O'Connell on Wed, Aug 15, 2018 @ 7:45 AM

carlos-muza-84523-unsplashPR professionals and influencers alike know the struggle of social. We put time and effort into posting on social media for who to see?

Social media experts determine the perfect time to post, the perfect length of video, the best picture to post with it and yet it can still fall flat.

Audiences can stay the same, but platforms change their algorithms all the time, and often with no warning. 

What are social media professionals to do?

Get to Know Your Audience

Even if you think you know your audience because you built it, dive deeper.

What can you provide your audience that is new, exciting or a never before seen that they need? THX released a never before seen #DeepNote music sheet. Their audience went crazy over it, reaching 2 million people organically.

For them, this was the one thing they could provide to their audience that no one else could.

And knowing your audience is key to retaining their 'like.' Facebook reports that once a person likes your brand page, you have two weeks to capture their attention. If they don't engage with your brand in those two weeks, your content is no longer shown to them. AKA, you're DOA.

Narrow Down Your Objectives

Having a successful platform means something different to every brand.

Are you looking to drive awareness to a particular audience? Drive engagement for liking, sharing or commenting? Make a sale? Visit a website?

Whatever it is needs to be your main focus. Once you determine what you are trying to get across, you can change your strategy to focus on one of these topics.

Diversify Platforms


If you are working on multiple platforms, be strong on all of them, not just one.

Cross promote as much as possible. You don't need to come up with entire new copy, but change it to fit the platform you are on. For example, Facebook doesn't do well with hashtags, but Instagram and Twitter thrive on them. Know what each platform desires. 

Don't Do It Alone

There is a reason influencers have a space on the internet. When audiences see real people with real shapes, skin tones, realistic looking gardens and personalities, they are more likely to resonate with that person and therefore that brand.

Think about it like sisters. The little sister is always wanting to look just like her cooler big sister, so she dresses like her, acts like her and wants to buy the same things as her.

Find an influencer or two that matches your ideas, goals and mission.

Social Media is not everyone's strength. Garden Media can help. Check out our E-book on Facebook Live to get started! 

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