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Social Studies Lesson 2: Crafting Your Perfect Bio

Posted by Aubrey Olson on Wed, Aug 23, 2023 @ 8:40 AM

Welcome back to Social Studies, where we continue the journey of elevating your social media game in the dynamic gardening world. Now that you have defined your niche and started to uncover your story in the gardening realm, it’s time to delve into writing a compelling bio and creating a media kit that stays true to your messaging. 

These components will convey who you are and what you do and showcase your brand's personality, reassuring users that they've come to the right place for their gardening inspiration. Let's dive in!

Read more to learn about the key elements of an excellent bio for each of your social media platforms. 

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Social Studies Lesson 1: Finding Your Niche

Posted by Aubrey Olson on Wed, Aug 16, 2023 @ 11:24 AM

Welcome to the first installment of Garden Media Group’s Social Studies – your ultimate guide to elevating your social media game in the gardening world. Much like a garden, social media requires care and attention- including much planning before hitting the post button! 

Please make sure you are signed up for our Social Studies email series, a 10-part free course on upping your Instagram game and standing out above the crowd. 
We are thrilled to go on this journey with you, sharing valuable tips and creative ideas and fostering a vibrant community of socially savvy horticulture enthusiasts. 

Read more to learn about finding your niche and stating it on your social media platforms! 

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Level Up Your Garden Business with Social Studies!

Posted by Aubrey Olson on Wed, Aug 16, 2023 @ 10:53 AM

Your Weekly Guide to Thriving in Social Media Marketing

In the fast-paced realm of social media marketing, maintaining a competitive edge is crucial for businesses striving to expand their online reach. We are delighted to introduce our new Social Studies program—a series of ten carefully curated emails designed to elevate your social media presence in the vibrant world of gardening- Sign up here.

Our new 10-part series is tailored to equip garden businesses with invaluable insights, expert advice, and actionable strategies that will boost your social media following. By subscribing, you gain exclusive access to a comprehensive toolkit, empowering you to craft a successful social media presence, unlock the potential of captivating content through photography and videography tips, and establish a profound connection with your audience.

Social media trends and best practices are constantly evolving. With our new newsletter, you'll stay ahead of the curve by receiving up-to-date insights and expert advice directly in your inbox each week. Whether it’s new social media platforms, changing algorithms, or trends, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to adopt, create, and thrive in the dynamic landscape of social media while staying true to yourself!

Read more to find out what you’ll learn!

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Three tips to improve your software efficiency at work.

Posted by Tracey Brown on Thu, Aug 3, 2017 @ 8:00 AM

You probably have a software program you’ve worked with for years and it still meets all your needs. You’ve used it so long you know all the shortcuts, or do you?

Recently, I took an online tutorial for MS Excel, a program I’ve used more than half my life. Before taking this course, I thought I knew the bulk of what the program could do l and that I was completing the processes in the best possible way. However, I learned so much in just one hour that will save me a significant amount of time in the long run.

We too often resort to the phrase, “Been there, done that.” When any system gets updated, we should take the time to learn what’s new.

Continue reading to learn why it’s important to improve your software use at work.

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