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How Long Should Your Videos Be?

Posted by Megan O'Connell on Wed, May 16, 2018 @ 7:45 AM

jakob-owens-319392-unsplashPeople have easier access to information - whether from websites, videos or their phones. Leveraging video marketing is increasingly the most powerful way to promote your brand online.

In fact, by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic, according to SmallBizTrends.

More people are interacting with videos today than ever before so it’s vital to use a video marketing strategy to connect with your audience.

Social media has been a great component for helping us get the video out. But with all the different platforms, is it fine to share the same video across them?

Continue reading to find out how long videos should be for each platform.

People don’t have the same attention span as they used to. They jump from post to post, barely comprehending what is being said. 

Marketers are responding to this by taking one video and making it different lengths for each platforms.

Do you know how long your videos should be?


Instagram: 30 seconds

According to Hubspot, Instagram video posts that averaged 26 seconds acquired the most comments. Since our brains are processing the visuals much faster, keeping your videos short and sweet matches the user expectations as they scroll through the feed.

Twitter: 45 seconds

While this one seems out of context for the notoriously quick platform, Twitter’s #VideoOfTheDay averages 43 seconds long. Just like having a small bit of info in one tweet, the platform honors short and sweet videos.

Facebook: 1 minute

Facebook users expect to invest a little more time than their Instagram friends do, double in fact! It is found that the most engagement comes from videos that averaged 1 minute in length. The videos that do best are sappy, cute or funny and can be quickly shared before moving on.

YouTube: 2 minutes

On this platform, users are typically looking for help so you can invest a little more time in the video. Creating longer deeper content for YouTube is what it known for. Users like finding content and following along with other videos on the same channel or finding similar videos around the platform.

While the 2 minute time frame may even seem short to you, consider your audience and always look at your own analytics. Your users may be tapping out around the 3 minute mark on average, so make that your sweet spot. Like anything, always test and learn for best results. 

If you’re looking for more tips on how to market on social media, check out our Facebook Live e-book. 

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