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Great Grow Along 2023

Posted by Keri Wilson on Wed, Apr 5, 2023 @ 4:44 PM

Great Grow Along (GGA), an annual ten-day virtual festival, aims to connect and inspire gardeners with influencers worldwide while educating them on cutting-edge content. The 2023 festival, which ran in March, featured sixty+ educational sessions and virtual garden tours. A record-breaking 56k people logged in to see the speakers and chat with the community.

This event is for gardeners of all experience levels and is free for live streaming during the event. Every day of the festival is packed with expert education, practical advice, and creative inspiration from industry leaders and top influencers.

Now that the event has passed, viewers can subscribe for an on-demand session here.

Catchy names for each day, such as Wildlife Wednesday and Sustainability Sunday, aim to bring attention to the topics covered. Big-named brands like Park® Seed, Sunset® Plant Collection, and Garden For Wildlife™ sponsor the event to keep the content current and free of charge for viewers. 

Whether this was your first year attending or your third, everyone left the event with a wealth of information about various gardening topics. Sessions presented ranged from water-wise plantings to supporting hummingbird species and creating a healthy gardening ecosystem.
One of the festival's creators, LaManda Joy, believes the world would be better with more gardeners. "I am thrilled to empower individuals to reach new heights in their gardening journey," says Joy. "This festival allows us to share our expertise and advice and puts education at the forefront, giving new gardeners the confidence and tools they need to succeed."

Read on to learn more about the Great Grow Along and highlights from a few sessions!

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6 Ways to Take Your Corporate Sponsorship to the Next Level

Posted by Katie Dubow on Mon, Nov 4, 2013 @ 9:00 AM
Sponsoring an organization or an event in the garden industry is a powerful way to connect  with key audiences and expand your network.

But sponsorship isn’t a silver bullet.

It takes a narrow strategy to really work it for your business. To do it right,  lots of work and a significant time investment will be needed in order to translate sponsorship dollars into business.

So how do companies like yours get the most out of sponsorships, partnerships, and tie-ins to increase their marketing value?

One key is to look beyond the classic logo placement and event attendance. Leverage the sponsorship’s ability to truly connect with members. 

Create value and educational opportunities for members, and you will see a shift in their behavior. Then, the sponsorship will truly reinforce your brand identity.

Don't just slap your brand on a banner, and call it a day. Here are 7 tips to maximize your opportunity and get the most from your marketing spend.

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