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The #PlantTok Accounts You Need to Follow Now

Posted by Lindsay Day on Thu, May 27, 2021 @ 3:13 PM

Over the past year, millions have sunk their hands into a bag of potting soil and fallen in love with gardening. Whether it was a new indoor plant for the at-home office, or starting vegetable seeds, these new gardeners are here to stay! Getting started can be intimidating and there is no shortage of options of where to find info on gardening.

Read more to find out WHERE these new gardeners are going for tips and tricks.

The platform that is seeing the most ‘growth’ in garden content over the past year has been TikTok.

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to share 15-60 second videos that are usually fun, quirky, and occasionally include dancing. As an avid gardener myself, it wasn’t long before my ‘FYP’ or For You Page was filled with gardeners! There are great accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. And they provide catchy, witty plant hacks and tips that'll you’ll want to see.


For the beginners who need a little encouragement:



Plants won't grow just anywhere; location is a key factor in their health. 😁🌱 #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #plantrescue #growth

♬ original sound - Garden Marcus

It's no secret that plants make us feel good, but it turns out there is a lot we can learn from our gardens too and Marcus is the spiritual leader to teach you. Through his videos, you'll not only learn a ton about outdoor gardening, but you will also learn a little bit about yourself!



Here’s some of my favorite hanging houseplants! What’s your favorite 🌿 #planttiktok #houseplanthome #plantladylife #plantdecor #fyp

♬ Home - Edith Whiskers

@joy.of.plants offers lots of great basic plant care information. Her videos are designed for beginners and give easy, digestible, lists of plants that fit every indoor plant need. The best

part is, if you see something on her page you like, she runs an online shop where you can order plants!

For those who like to sing to their plants:


There is a reason teachers in school put important lessons into songs. When those songs get stuck in your head, you are bound to learn. That’s what @1sneakypete does! You’ll learn everything you need to know about taking care of succulents, all to the tune of ‘That’s Amore.’ I promise you’ll be singing about root rot to all of your little succulents!


Speaking of those looking for a sing-a-long, Leo from @phileodendron is your man! His songs are funny, witty, and great for beginners AND those with a more seasoned green thumb. Though he focuses on his extensive indoor plant collection, any plant parent is sure to get a kick out of his clever songs!

For those who love animals as much as plants:


This account is guaranteed to not only teach you something but also make you chuckle at the quirks of being a plant parent. His content is smart, funny, and has the perfect amount of golden retrievers in it!

For those whose plants double as décor:


@Torontoplantgirl is an indoor plant decorating consultant. Her account is filled with exceptionally styled plant content. Not only is she knowledgeable about care, but she also shares tips on how to style any house with indoor plants.


Reagan is another houseplant stylist but balances her styling tips with pointers and easy-to-understand advice for beginner plant parents. If you’re looking to ramp up your home décor with plants, she is a great one to follow!

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