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Manifest Your 2024 Marketing Goals

Posted by Courtney Brown on Wed, Jan 3, 2024 @ 4:50 PM

The idea of manifesting things in your life is not new. However, the concept gained momentum in 2023 due to the plethora of social media trends surrounding it, such as influencers sharing intention techniques, vision board sharing, and #manifestationmonday, to name a few. Thoughtful Attractive Young Woman Answering Crossword Puzzle Game on Newspaper at the Living Room Couch.-1

Folks are leaning into their wants and desires, stating affirmations, asking the universe for things, and living as though they have already gotten what they wanted. 

What goals are you manifesting for your business in 2024? Many of your goals can be met by shifting your marketing mindset.

Read on to learn 5 ways to manifest marketing success and other goals in 2024.

Close up of businessman hand drawing business strategy sketchesPrioritize Marketing
If marketing for your brand or business is not at the forefront of your mind, readjust, reconfigure, reprioritize, and get it there. The difference between a good brand and a wildly successful brand could very well be the marketing behind it. 

Look at your marketing as a whole – the website, your social media platforms, SEO strategies, media coverage, etc. – how much time are you willing to spend in these areas to better your brand? You should increase the amount if your answer is not at least 20%.

Get Organizedclose up of a calendar-1
Find a plan that works for you, your team, and your brand. Project management tools such as Asana or Monday can help organize tasks and track progress. Tools geared toward content management, such as HubSpot, Canva, and Grammarly, can support quality content creation. Sprout Social, Buffer, Google Analytics, and Tableau are tools that can be used for social media and analytics. The options are endless when it comes to organization, creation, and management tools – find what works for you!

Closeup side profile portrait upset sad skeptical unhappy serious woman talking texting on phone displeased with conversation isolated city background. Negative human emotion face expression feelingChange the Perspective
Look at your brand from the customer’s perspective. First, who IS your customer? What are the demographics that are showing up on your different social media platforms? Who is reading your emails? Who is clicking through to your website? Step into their shoes to grasp what they see, then adjust accordingly. If you visit your website and there is a glitch, fix it. If you go to your Instagram page and it looks chaotic and hard to read, lean into your brand’s image and create some standards to be met with each post. If your emails aren’t being opened, reevaluate what you use for subject lines. If you do a Google search on your specific brand’s service or product and your business does not pop up, work on your SEO strategy. Getting in front of eyeballs is what marketing is all about!

Also, consider what is working for your competition – is there something they are doing well that could leverage your business if implemented for your marketing strategy? 

Excel at the BasicsLovely happy young woman gardener choosing flower pot with anthuriums in garden center
Going back to and honing in on the basics of marketing can really leverage your brand. While updating your Facebook and Instagram bio may seem subtle, unimportant, or mundane, it can make a difference when folks are searching for a company. 

Understanding your target audience’s wants and needs and adjusting to fit their preferences and behaviors will help to continue to resonate with that audience. 

Do an internal audit of your products and/or services – what can be better in this area? Sustainable packaging? Different size or pricing options? Are you distributing to the right regions and areas? Go back to square one in all areas of your brand and find what could be better.

Successful diverse young business team giving a victorious thumbs up to show their success and motivation, close up view of their raised handsCreate Quality Content
Learning to write in the voice of your brand, post when your viewers are active, and optimize your brand awareness comes from leaning into the personified version of your brand. If your brand has a whimsical, colorful feel, then you wouldn’t opt for a minimalist look on your Instagram page. If your brand’s color scheme is dark, moody greens and has an earthy vibe, your email shouldn’t feature rainbows and unicorns. While yes, that is a bit extreme, some people get LOST if a brand appearance strategy is not formed. Creating a style guide can eliminate those inconsistencies and keep your brand’s image tight and uniform, from fonts and colors, to image styles and photo editing – consistency is key!

What are your goals for 2024, and how do you plan on manifesting them? Let us know on Instagram: @gardenmedia.

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