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3 Things That Stink About Your Blog Headline, and How to Fix Them

Posted by Jill Swartzentruber on Wed, Jul 22, 2015 @ 10:42 AM

You've done the easy part: brainstormed a topic, wrote the blog and gathered images. Last, but certainly not least, headlines are the hardest yet most important element of a blog post.

We advise writing a headline after the body is written because the headline should summarize the entire article.

While there is no specific formula for the perfect blog title, research has shown that there are a few techniques that prove successful.

Continue reading to find out the hidden formula for creating a booming blog headline.

Be Brief – and Breathe

A blog headline should address two things: who the article concerns and what the article is about.

They should never give away the full story.

One way to test the length of a headline is to take a breath. Take a breath and hold it in. Read the headline and see if another breath has to be taken before completing the title. If another breath was taken, then the headline is too long.

The best headlines range from six to 14 words. Remember, less is more.

Be Creative

Being provocative in the business world is never acceptable, expect when it comes to blogging.

Boring, comfortable headlines don’t grab attention. Titles that provoke feelings are the ones that get clicked.

Readers flock to articles that use negatives in the headline. “What you’re doing wrong at work” will attract more attention than, “ways to improve at work.” Most people believe there is always room for improvement and love reading articles that will help them to do something better.

Remember, interesting reliable content always reigns supreme, and headlines that support it will work best.

Be the Audience

The most prominent headlines and articles are specific. Writers who know their audience can better gauge what to title their articles. Who are they? What do they want? Answering these basic questions can improve an article, and therefore help write a more creative headline.

Bloggers can get to know their audience by understanding their strengths and weaknesses and testing different styles.

If you were to see your headline on a news website, would you click on it? This is a great way to see if the headline is applicable and eye catching. Sending it around to other people in the office as a test drive also helps.


So, How About This Secret Formula…

Starting a headline off with a bang is smart. The most eye catching approaches are numbers and trigger words.

Next, find a fun and fitting adjective. This adds a little oomph to the title.

Then, remember to add a keyword into the title. If the article talks about houseplants make sure the word “houseplant” is included in the title.

Finally, add an attainable promise. It may sound cheesy, but audiences love a good promise.

Number or Trigger Word+ Adjective+ Keyword+ Promise= the magic formula.

Check out this blog's title for an example and read our e-Book on how to become savvy with content marketing! 

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