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4 Ways to Write Headlines that Actually Get Clicked

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, Nov 13, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

blog posts, blog headlines, writing headlines that get read, pr strategy, garden media groupThe short, snappy title you type off right before you post your blog, tweet, or story is the reason for your downfall.

Even though headlines seem like the last step in publishing, they're the most important by far.

If you have a ho-hum headline, no one will click on it to discover the golden editorial waiting for them.

Instead, you need to really focus on crafting headlines that inspire and intrigue your audience enough to click through!

Below are the top 4 ways to write headlines that your readers can't help but click!

1. Chunk your Copy.

6281216026_d3954dcf6bPhoto Credit: dmgatlanta via Compfight cc

Make the takeaways easy peasy for your readers--and then broadcast the chunks of knowledge in your headline.

For example, "6 Ways", "5 Facts" "How to Make Your Customers Love You in 10 Words" all work really well. You want to take a big ol' chunk of text, and make it digestible for the audience.

Bulleted and numbered lists work really well.

2. Work with 20 Words or Less.

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Once your headline captures their attention, you can still lose them quickly. You have 20 words, or more recently five, to really hook your audience.

Get right to the meat of it! Your readers should be interested in how you're painting the problem--and how you're going to quickly propose a solution.

3. Test Headlines Internally.

headlines, blog headlines

The fact of the matter is, you (as the author) are not the best judge for what headline will captivate your audience.

Instead, brainstorm a handful, fine-tune them, and then pass along the top 3 to your co-workers. They'll have the insight into your target audience and will provide a much-needed outside opinion!

4. Key Words Matter.


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Cutesy headlines that say very little don't fly. Like we've already mentioned, your readers want you to get right to the point!

Don't go crazy here by jamming as many keywords in as possible. Stick with one for each headline, and make it shine!

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