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Convert More Leads to Customers with these Content Marketing Tips

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, Feb 26, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

If you want to convert more of your garden business's leads into customers (which who doesn't!?), you're going to learn Garden Media's secrets of the trade below.

Yes, converting more leads into customers isn't luck; it's about providing content in context using the information you have at your fingertips through your content marketing plan.

You've already hooked your reader by attracting them to your site, engaged with them, and now it's time to seal the deal.

Read on to discover Garden Media's secrets on converting your blog readers into new, soon to be loyal, customers with these content marketing tips.

The Advantage of Converting Content Marketing Leads

Snaps to you, my friend. You're collecting names and converting them the smart way by using content marketing.

This new type of marketing puts you in contact with individuals who are already interested in your brand, products and content. These contacts are known as inbound leads since they're coming directly to you. The hard work is already done!

Plus, 50% of the leads you're generating through your content marketing plan are ready to buy now.

Now, you've just got to deliver tailor-made content to them to give them the final incentive. 

Set Objectives and Goals for Converting Inbound Leads

First, set objectives and goals for converting your leads.

Asking these questions now with your team allows you to move forth united with your team--and ensures you'll stay on track.

  1. How many leads would you like to convert to customers a month? What’s that number look like next year?

  2. What conversation rate of leads to customers is realistic? For reference, the average conversation rate is 3%.

  3. How will you integrate your sales team into your content marketing plan? 

  4. What types of content will you use to seal the deal with potential customers?

  5. What will you offer leads? Special types of discounts, freebies, or exclusive offers? 

  6. Are you able to hook up an e-shopping cart into your site? How will you track what customers buy?

  7. What is your follow up plan to build customer loyalty?

Segment Emails to Boost Conversion

5617505546_a2f6fc0067Photo Credit: giulia.forsythe via Compfight cc

You have a LOT of information about your leads-- where they live, what they're reading, and most importantly what their interests are.

Use this gathered information to slice and dice your cumulative contact list into smaller groups with similar interests and personas.

By creating smaller, similar groups, you can deliver tailor-made personalized content that will speak to each individual at their stage of the buying process.

Learn How to Segment your lists and Convert More Leads in Our e-Book Below!

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