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Top 5 Problems Brands Have on Facebook and How to Solve Them

Posted by Meg McGrory on Mon, Oct 21, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Does your Facebook page have 74 million 'likes' or are there 806,000 people talking about you?  Didn’t think so. But that doesn’t mean your garden brand can’t utilize Facebook just as well as the front runners in social media.

Though Facebook isn’t a ‘professional social network,’ it does boast 1.1 billion monthly users and 4.5 billion daily likes.  You can’t argue with numbers like that.  Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are five easy tips to solve the problems your business may be facing, inspired by some of Facebook’s best and brightest brands.

1. You don’t have enough likes.

describe the image

Solution: Vary the types of posts that you typically do.

Not everyone responds to the same type of content, so it’s important that you change it up and keep your page fresh.  Photos, videos, and simple text posts are great ways to get started.

Once you’ve got those three down, begin including calls to action, linking original blog posts, and re-posting content in which your company is featured.

People are more likely to become fans when they see that your business page is active and posting things that are of interest or benefit them.

2. Your shares, likes, and/or comments aren’t as numerous as you’d like them to be.


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Solution: Hold a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly caption contest!

You’re going to be posting photos anyway, so why not drive fans to like, comment, or share by providing an easy to love incentive.

Offer a prize for the winner.  It could be anything from a gift from your company to a shout out on your page and a link in the photo caption.

3. Your fans like your posts and/or photos but don’t create original content.

facebook fans are nocturnal so post when they are online

Solution: Interact and engage!  It’s as simple as that.

Ask your fans questions.

Respond to customer posts, and re-post their content.  Interacting with your customers and fans will create a more personal relationship.

99.5% of Facebook fans don't create content, so if someone takes the time to post or comment on your page it's crucial that you take the opportunity to engage and respond.  This small conversation will encourage them to come back and post again.

4. Your Facebook has no identity.


Solution: Decide the goal and purpose of your Facebook.

Do you want to interact with fans and customers, market new products, or use Facebook as a news content page?  Narrowing down a purpose will help you create a concise page.

5. You promote Facebook on Facebook.

Facebook Like2

Solution:  Rather than sending invites to the Facebook friends you already have, an easy way to let everyone know that you have a Facebook page is to include a link in all forms of communication! Use your Facebook link in your email signature, as a call-to-action at the end of blog posts and newsletters, and make sure to put it on your company’s website.

Integrating other social media accounts is a great way to get the word out as well!

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