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Work hard, play hard: fun in the office increases productivity

Posted by Courtney Kates on Wed, Dec 2, 2015 @ 11:56 AM

fun2Now that we know divergent thinking leads to innovative ideas, it’s time to discuss another important factor in creativity:having FUN!


While work and play may seem like conflicting ideas, an article in Entreprenuer Magazine suggests having fun in the office can increase employee motivation and productivity, which leads to increased ROI.

Google may be one of the most well known companies famous for having fun. The company is well known for its innovative office designs and creativity-based culture.

While we might not have tube slides and food trucks at Garden Media Group, we still know how to have fun while getting the job done.

Read more to learn about ways you can integrate fun in the office.


At Garden Media, we love to celebrate!

Whether it’s holidays, birthdays or work anniversaries, we know how to have a good time. This past Halloween, we picked out pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch and carved unique designs to get us in the holiday spirit.

Not only did we get to show off our artistic skills, we also entered our pumpkins into The Espoma Company’s pumpkin carving contest on Facebook. A little competition doesn’t hurt, either.

Our team is what makes Garden Media unique and successful. In addition to being recognized for work accomplishments, we are recognized for life accomplishments as well. We even surprised Quinn, our youngest team member, with a swing set for her first birthday.


Recognition is one of the biggest motivators for employees because it makes them feel valued.  Having fun at work is not only good for business, but it also creates a sense of unity and trust among coworkers.

Daily Fun

While occasionally celebrating special events is exciting, managers can still create a fun environment at work every day, even in the smallest ways.

Every Wednesday, the Garden Media team starts its day with one of our “brain games.” After our daily morning meetings, we do a short, creative thinking activity. It gets our brains warmed up and it provides us with the opportunity to start our day with creative discussions and, more importantly, laughter.

Incorporate fun into the workplace every day. Whether it’s eating lunch together outside on a beautiful day or taking a walk to the local farmer’s market, little activities like these increase employee motivation and morale and create a more relaxed work environment. 

Top businesses are following the trend of combining work and play in the office. Download our 2016 Trends Report to learn more upcoming trends!2016 Garden Trends Report Call to Action

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