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Branding Case Study: Humanizing a Garden Business

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, May 22, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

human brand, humanize brand, garden industry public relations, garden media groupSo, you've got everyone on board with your new gardening brand. You know how to describe your brand in three simple words; and, you've answered the 4 W's.

Now, you've have to work on making the world love your gardening brand.

To do this, you've got to get your brand in front of local and national media. 

The best way to ensure you get placements on t.v., magazines, and newspapers is to humanize your garden brand. 

What does humanizing a brand mean?

In essence, humanizing a brand means taking steps to make your brand feel more like a friend and less like a huge corporation (even if you are one).

When you meet a friend, you learn their sense of humor, the defining characteristics of their personality, their style, and finally, their appearance.

When humanizing a garden brand, you need to ensure you answer all of these questions flawlessly, both in theory and in practice. 

Put a Face to The Name

describe the imageFirst and foremost, you want your target audience to know they're dealing with a group of people, not a soul-less business.

One of the easiest ways to combat this issue in a snap is to have one person represent your brand in the media. Many times it's the visionary, founder, CEO, or innovator of the company.

A major advantage of this move is that in news stories, it's no longer about telling the story of the business. Instead, the story becomes centered on the representative's journey: their childhood, inspirations, quirks, and advice for others.

And if you do this well, the reader relates to and likes your leader.

This tactic worked brilliantly when we branded the Knock Out Rose's creator Bill Radler, for he loves gardening inside and out. He radiated passion about the rose which readers responded to, and fell in love with, instantly.

Present Personality 

People judge based on first impressions. Book covers, hair styles, and when it comes to companies - they look at websites, fonts, social media accounts, and color schemes.

Take a hard look at your website, and see if your three branding words are truly reflected. If not, you need to spend the time and money to revamp it. If you're constantly driving people to your website (especially if you're e-commerce), then your website is the biggest and most visual aspect of your brand.

The four, big places where you have control of branding are social media outlets, website, your blog, your logo. 

Make sure your brand personality stands out on each of those platforms.

Consequently, when media outlets are writing stories about you, they'll see a coherent brand and infer those brand words all on their own.

Implement Instantly

The easiest way to humanize your business is to invest the time into social media.

On social media, your garden business will act with empathy, listen, and react to each customer. Customers will soon learn that you just don't say you care about them, you mean it. 

Learn Even More About Humanizing your Garden Brand with Proven Tips in our Knock Out Rose Case Study Below!

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Snaps to Mashable for the walking human brand! 

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