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“Will you Accept this Business Proposal?”:  How Picking Clients is like The Bachelor

Posted by Erin Dunne on Wed, Jan 20, 2016 @ 8:33 AM

desk.jpgWhen it comes to dating on reality TV, preserving your reputation and picking the right person are essential to your success on the show.

When it comes to PR, picking the right clients and performing well helps build your company’s strong reputation.

Coincidence? We think not. 

Continue reading to learn how to interact with potential clients and build your public relations client list.

Choose contestants, and clients, wisely 

Auditioning for the Bachelor or Bachelorette requires a long process of video auditions, interviews and the final selection of that season’s candidates. The show is highly selective when picking the candidates and look for people who will be most likely spark, and maintain a strong romance connection with the bachelor.

In PR, choosing clients should be a highly selective process as well. Before contracts are signed, you will no doubt meet with potential clients multiple times to see if their business ethic, product and personality will work well for your firm.

Just like choosing your life-long mate, you want to avoid clients that have unethical products or seem unreasonable, as they will not contribute to your firm’s productivity or brand. 

Make Connections

Connections are key when it comes to the Bachelor. Contestants won’t make it far if there is no chemistry, so it’s not surprising that conversations about the future, careers, having a family, and their desire to make a relationship work are the norm.

The same can be said for the PR industry. It is essential to form connections with potential clients by listening and thorough learning about what they want. Learn about your client’s product and their plan for success, to ensure that you are on the same wavelength for the future. That way, you can decide to take them on as clients or not and spend your time creating a successful business plan.


Roses are the Proposals

Each week, the Bachelor holds a ceremony in which he selects the women he would like to continue on in the contest by offering them a rose. It means, if you don't already know, that they move onto the next round. 

In this stage of PR, the rose would come to the client in the form of a business proposal. The proposal signifies that your firm agrees with the client’s views and wishes to proceed on a path to mutual success. The proposal outlines deliverables and budgets.

In the culmination of the Bachelor, the man will usually propose to the final contestant.While marriage is not in the cards for PR, the solidification of business proposals comes in the form of signing a contract and closing the deal.

So the next time you are curled up on your couch with a glass of wine watching 25 women fight over one man, maximize this time to learn how to handle new clients. 

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