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About Public Relations Measurement: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Dan Ream on Mon, Aug 11, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

When it comes to PR measurement, there isn't one, definite blueprint - everyone does it a bit differently. From conversation rates to the quality and quantity of media hits, there are a ton of variables to examine.

While getting to pick and choose what matters most to your garden business, it's difficult to standardize a method of measurement that works across the board.

No matter what measurement system you're using, make sure to avoid these 3 common mistakes to help your garden business grow!

#1 Trying to Do Too Much

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Doing a few things well can make you rich. Mediocrity, however, rarely has that effect.

By the same token, trying to keep track of every metric at all times isn't as effective as tracking a few metrics and analyzing them thoroughly.

It all starts with goals. Determine what metrics are most important by connecting them to your garden business' long term goals.

If you want an increased presence in small communities, focus on tracking circulation in local newspapers and community magazines. If you want to increase web traffic, use Google Analytics. 

Whatever you do, don't try to do it all. 

#2 Putting a Dollar Sign on Social Media


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Social media is hot. Users flock to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in droves - and this social space gives brands an unprecedented way to connect and foster fans.

Social media measurement should be the highlight of any good program, right?

Yes and no. 

You should absolutely count social media metrics like followers, retweets, likes, and reach. But spending a lot of time and money on assessing its dollar value is like trying to complete a puzzle that's missing a piece. The industry simply hasn't come to a conclusive standard.

Your garden business will waste time and resources by putting too much emphasis on monetary social media measurement.

Instead, determine what statistics matter most to you, and don't worrying about how much a "like" is worth.

#3 Inflating or Guessing Numbers

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Accuracy is the golden rule of measurement. If you can't be accurate, find another metric to gauge your success.

Some metrics can be difficult to deduce - in fact, most of them are. There is an ongoing argument about how to calculate the reach of a magazine or newspaper, and some people have argued that public relations is worth 6 times as much as a comparable advertisement.

If your garden business approximates or inflates their measurements, you're robbing yourself of an opportunity to accurately reflect on the performance of your garden business' PR strategy.

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