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Trending Thursday Throwback Trends: 24-Hour Gardens

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Thu, Oct 27, 2016 @ 3:26 PM

For today’s Trending Thursday post, we’re looking back to 2007 where we identified gardening as a LFG.jpgnon-stop activity with 24-hour Gardens.

As the idea of outdoor living spaces took off, people started to view their gardens as an extension of their homes. People began turning their gardens into destinations that were able to entertain guests well after the sun went down.  

Here’s how the concept of 24-Hour Gardens has shaped the garden industry for the last nine years.

Continue reading to learn more about 24-Hour Gardens.   

IMG_1737-1024x640.jpg24-Hour Gardens

The introduction of 24-Hour Gardens unhinged the traditional idea of day gardening.

As outdoor living boomed, people began to spend more time than ever before in their backyards.  As the sun went down, the party stayed put - outside.  The best outdoor spaces at the time proved to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for both day and night.

Consumers utilized distinctive all-weather wicker and deep seating furnishings to transform backyard into a stylish outdoor space perfect for entertaining friends or just relaxing with a good book. 

From outdoor floor lamps to plants that glow in the moonlight, outdoor rooms provided 24 hours of comfort and enjoyment.

Flash Forward DSC_0086.jpg

The concept of 24-Hour Gardens is alive and well, but takes on a lot of different meanings today.

The Backyard Boldness trend proved that most people viewed their outdoors space not only as an extra room, but as a lavish destination and learning center. In 2015, people used bold accessories like LED lights and custom furniture to enhance their outdoor spaces.

24-Hour Gardening has even expanded to 24/7.

People today not only want to garden 24-hours a day, they want to do it all-year-long, and new hydroponic technology is helping them do it.  

The indoor gardening trend continues to boom as the demand for healthy, organic foods rapidly increases.

According to the 2017 Garden Trends Report, unpredictable climates and a migration into smaller spaces is also driving the hydroponic trend.

Indoor gardening fulfills consumers’ need to enjoy their garden 24 hours-a-day. Now, people can grow all year long indoors and out. Mother Nature has no jurisdiction indoors.

New technology has already allowed to consumers to garden 24/7, but it will only get easier to do so in time. New apps and streamlined hydroponic systems will only make it easier for people to be successful in the garden in the future.

Gardening 24/7 has been trending for almost a decade. Read our 2017 Garden Trends Report to see what’s buzzing now!

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