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4 Simple Ways to Promote your Brand on Instagram

Posted by Nancy Grace on Wed, Feb 10, 2016 @ 11:04 AM

Instagram_1.jpgFive years ago, Instagram was simply an app allowing users to share pictures of pets, selfies and food.

Now, people call it the best social network for brands.

If you are not promoting your business on Instagram, you are missing a golden opportunity to connect with thousands of followers, influencers and industry leaders.

The key to any successful Instagram campaign is balance, as over promotion could deter your marketing goals. Overselling your products or posting unfriendly images can leave you with little to no followers or hinder your chances of connecting with your potential buyers.

Continue reading for tips on how to promote your brand on Instagram.

Post original content

Some marketers make the mistake of stealing quotes or images and posting them as their own. This can create a bad reputation for your brand and, in worst cases, could also open the door to copyright issues.

The most successful Instagram campaigns feature original, catchy content that ups your brand’s credibility and fosters engagement.  Original content also adds credibility to your promotion.


Share interesting images

Your photos should tell a story about your business, and colors and special effects go a long way. Product shots and behind-the-scenes photos of your team members and office build fan loyalty and show a new side of your business.  

It’s important to keep an eye on minor details like background and color. Photos that use white backgrounds are less attractive when compared to blue and green.


Post with a strategy

Posting quality content is always a good idea, but when you post without a strategy, you are missing an opportunity to engage and interact with your followers. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about what kind of images they would like to see.

When exploring an Instagram profile, people expect to see uniformity and to easily navigate the pictures. For the best browsing experience, post eye-catching images like the ones found on your website. 

Make posts count

Instagram is not a place to oversell your products; it’s a channel that allows you to interact with your target audience through enticing images.

Over promotion (or overselling) can seriously hurt your campaign, and even make people unfollow you. Most businesses make the mistake of trying to sell their products and services with every post and update. Instead, Focus more on building your following s in a creative and legitimate way.

Nancy Grace is a member of iDigic, a social marketing company that helps clients meet their goals faster and expand their customer base in a creative way.            

Instagram is a huge component of any social media campaign. Download our e-Book to learn how to get started.

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