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Tips for Pitching Holiday Gift Guides

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Wed, Nov 9, 2016 @ 3:33 PM

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means you’ve probably been pitching gift guides for quite some time now. December_2014_Cover.jpg

Holiday gift guides are a fantastic way to reach consumers and promote your product to a wide variety of audiences. Consumers flock to gift guides for the easy-to-read format and for their accessibility.

Some gift guides have even become a national holiday staple. I mean, who doesn’t love Oprah’s favorite things? Brands that want to see success in placing their product in a gift guide need to be strategic in their messaging.

Continue reading to learn how to pitch for a holiday gift guides.

book-1750740_960_720.jpgMark it on the calendar

Any good PR pro knows that research is the key to earning placements in top media. The same idea rings true when it comes to pitching holiday gift guides. Before you start to pitch, meet with your client to outline clear goals and objectives.

What are their top three media? Who is your target audience? Is your product going to be available for the holidays?  Is the goal to sell the product or earn publicity?

After goals are outlined, it’s important for brand managers to plan ahead and research. While newspapers have a quick turnaround, magazines and top television shows work on long lead times that often spans months.

Pitch the right peoplegift-1760869_960_720.jpg

The most successful PR professionals know that the best pitch in the world won’t be well received if it is sent to the wrong person. In order to see any earned media success, pitches must be relevant and timely.

These same principles are true for when it comes to holiday gift guides. Editors are flooded with gift guide pitches this time of year, and the best way to make yours stand out is to include why the product is different and send it to the right person.

Gift guide pitches should be clear, concise and to the point. They should always include, price, a link to your brand’s website to learn more and a beautiful photo.

Remember, always target the gift guides that make the most sense for your product and for your brand. Oprah’s favorite things might be recognized nationally, but does it make sense to spend time and energy working to earn that placement if it doesn’t align with your goals?

Having a plan and targeting the right audience will certainly help spread holiday cheer for clients.

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