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How Brands can use #Hashtags to Generate Clicks

Posted by Lauren Grow on Wed, Mar 25, 2015 @ 8:00 AM

Oxford English Dictionary debuted a new word in June 2014 – “Hashtag.”

The popular metadata tag allows social media users to combine words and phrases to formulate a search of key words pertaining to anything imaginable.

Hashtags have revolutionized social media since they were introduced on Twitter in 2009. Today, they serve as mini search engines and create opportunities for brands to categorize content, showcase personality, promote events and build buzz around a product.  

Although they began on Twitter, hashtags have since been incorporated into every social media platform available to consumers. They have even become incorporated into vocal speech.

Continue reading to learn how garden brands can incorporate hashtags into their social media branding strategy.

Despite the surface complexity, hashtags have become a way consumers search for content and the way a brand is identified in a sea of tweets, posts and "likes."

Garden Media Group has identified the best ways to utilize this social media must-do.

The Science of #Hashtags

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When brands create a trademark hashtag, consumers are better able to follow, search and post about content.

A straightforward hashtag that is easy to remember will generate traffic to a post and help and increase brand awareness.

When preparing for a product launch or event, creating and using a consistent hashtag can build consumer anticipation and spark dialogue on social media about the company or brand. Pair the trademark hashtag with any social media posts about the event.

When companies and brands follow trending topics and post about them, they increase the chance of generating clicks and participating in an international conversation.

#Hashtags to Avoid

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Millions of people use hashtags every day.

Before beginning a campaign, brands must research the hashtags that are already being circulated and what to incorporate and what to avoid in the phrase. By doing this, garden brands can avoid a public relations nightmare. 

See Burger King hashtag fail. 

#Hashtag Do's and Don'ts

Don't overdo it. In a 140 character post, it is important to identify the message and cater the hashtag to few simple words that summarize the content.

Don't use long hashtags.These are unmemorable and difficult to re-create.

Do use consistently. The hashtag becomes ineffective if it isn't used often. 

Do promote on all platforms. While it is important for brands to tailor their message to fit different social platforms, the hashtag should remain the same across each. 

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