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Trending Thursday: 4 Ways to Reach to Pet Parents

Posted by Jourdan Cole on Thu, Aug 18, 2016 @ 8:07 AM

Petscaping, designing a landscape with four-legged friends in mind, is a new idea for many pet parents. And you know what? Pets love it! From 'catios' to puppy play areas, this pet-forward trend is sizzling this summer.


There's a lot of overlap between gardeners and pet owners. You're looking at a group of outdoor fanatics. Plus, people who care about their pets will do anything for them. Meaning, spend anything on them, too.

Companies can stand out online by appealing to "man's best friend."

You know petscaping is a trend, but how do you communicate that to your consumers?

Continue reading to learn how your garden brand can appeal to a new audience of pet lovers. 

4 Ways to Connect with Pet Parents

  1. Use your mega-phone. Hop on social media and start talking about pets. Everyone loves internet cats. Nothing evokes positive emotions from followers like cute animal pictures.
  2. Go for Experience. Brainstorm ways to connect pet parents with your product. Get them to associate your product with their pets by creating a physical connection. For example, the Espoma Organic Company recently launched Safe Paws to educate pet parents about the dangers of chemicals on the lawn. They hosted events at local garden centers touting the benefits of their organic lawn care program and featuring local pet vendors such as adoption agencies, vets, groomers, dog walkers and more. You could also bring the community together for an event, offer free samples on your website, host a dog day at your headquarters or organize a photo contest on social.
  3. Talk about it. Add petscaping topics to your editorial calendar. The more interesting content with catchy headlines you have, the more opportunities you have to establish yourself as the petscaping expert. Create posts that answer questions, show results and incorporate your product. Unique and valuable content that makes you stand out has a better chance of getting shared — and pets are always relevant.
  4. Pitch it! Pitching and PR go hand-in-hand. An interesting, timely pitch sent to the right contact ultimately means you’ll be successful. Find the right pet reporters to pitch and start building new relationships. The more tails you get wagging, the more customers will be out looking for your product.


Marketing to pet parents doesn't stop here. There are hundreds of ways to get in touch with these consumers. Educate potential customers about the benefits of caring for their pets and yards and they'll reward you for seasons to come.

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