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Tips for Staying Productive at the Office

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Wed, Feb 24, 2016 @ 10:41 AM

Music_2.jpgAnyone who works in an office knows the feeling. You’re halfway through the work day, your project isn’t anywhere close to being completed and time is quickly ticking away.

Productivity is a wonderful thing.

It’s also something that’s hard to come by when your mind would rather focus on anything else than emails.

According to The Muse, productivity won’t appear out of thin air, but there are things employees can do to get inspired and ready to work.

Continue reading for tips on how to stay productive during the workday.

According to The Muse, things like evaluating goals, taking a walk and eliminating distractions are some ways you can motivate yourself and finish any task. The key is “having confidence in yourself that you will get it done.”

The Garden Media team has its own methods of motivation. Here are some foolproof ways our office gets inspired during the workday.  

Katie Dubow – Creative director

Like some people, I work best under pressure, (also known as procrastination). When I’m feeling like I need something to help me get going, I make a list of all the things I have to do by the end of the day (week, month). Once I see that I have a lot I need to accomplish, it jump starts my productivity engine once again.

If on the other hand, I’m feeling overwhelmed by my list, I break it up. Here is what I can do in the next hour, what I can do by EOD and what I can do by the end of the week.

And if all else fails, a walk around the block does wonders for the head.

Nicole Gurarasci – Intern

I take a quick five minute Pinterest break so I can get back into thinking creatively, lucky for me that’s now part of my job!

Tracey Brown - Office manager

I try to look at the big picture of what needs to get done, either by creating a written or mental list, then take one piece and work on it until its finished so I feel like I’ve accomplished something and then keep going from there.

Stacey Pierson – Account supervisor

 Music always helps me get motivated.

Courtney Kates – Intern

I like to go get a cup of coffee because: 1. I love caffeine and 2. Even just getting up from my desk for a minute and walking to the kitchen gives me a chance to clear my mind. When I return to my desk, I feel refreshed and ready to focus again!

Jourdan Cole - Account manager 

I stand up! (Jourdan has a stand up desk!)

Samantha Arcieri - Assistant account manager

When I’m looking for extra motivation I stretch and update my to-do list. This helps keep me organized and also helps keep my priorities for the day on track.

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