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Part Two: How PR is like Matchmaking 101

Posted by Tracey Brown on Wed, Sep 7, 2016 @ 9:22 AM

You know by now that working in the PR industry is similar to attending matchmaking

Research, listening are a few things PR professionals need to do to match the perfect client with the perfect customer. Timing plays a huge role, too.

We’ve identified additional things that make brands irresistible to consumers.   

Read on to learn how you can become better PR matchmaker.

Mutual Attractionblue-143734_960_720.jpg

Make sure both parties are interested. Before thrusting them together, assess their needs and desires.

Pitching a reporter? Review what they’ve done in the past. Will history repeat itself? Are they still interested in that type of information or have they moved on? Is this the target audience? They are seeking a perfect 10 and you’re offering some average Joe, will they both see the mutually beneficial relationship?

Be Creative

Think out of the box. No one likes to feel like they are being set up, so introduce your client via social media networks, casual conversation and mutual connections. 

Continue to learn new ways and tools to promote a company or product.

Be Supportive

So you’ve made the match and the happy couple is prospering. But once a match has been made your jobcouple-1210023_960_720.jpg is not over.

PR professionals must be the reliable source if trouble arises. Follow-up to ensure each party’s expectations were met. Did they both get what they needed? Will there be another “date” (i.e. interview, meeting, visit to the store.)

Be there for your client to work through any questions or shortcomings they may experience. Being able to troubleshoot a problem or provide crisis management even after the deal had been sealed shows you are vested in their success for the long-run. 

Being a match maker is hard and not for the faint at heart. Believe in the relationships you are trying to build and create sparks whenever possible.

It takes time to build a blooming PR relationship. Download our eBook to Learn how we succeeded with Espoma.

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