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Grow a Brand's Social Media Presence with 3 Flower Pots

Posted by Jourdan Cole on Thu, Oct 15, 2015 @ 8:24 AM

plant-786689_1280.jpgWhether you pin, tweet, like or connect, chances are your business is growing on social media.

Social media is a great way to open up communication between your brand and your consumers. Posting often on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat gets your content in front of an engaged group of listeners.

Your fans want to hear from you, and it’s time to kick up the content. But, you’d be booed off of social media if you constantly posted your products and their price tag. Knowing what to post doesn’t have to be tricky, you just need to sow seeds in three flower pots — seeds that educate, seeds that entertain and seeds that engage.

Learn how to sow the seeds of social media using three pots. 

Gaining your follower's trust is essential to standing out online. People will listen if they feel like you're offering them valuable content. Even if it's not your original content, sharing content from other industry leaders helps to prove your worth to consumers. Help your followers to learn something new and they'll show their appreciation.


Drop seeds that educate in your first flower pot.

Chances are you have a product that helps gardeners do something better. So teach them how. Create posts that answer questions, show results and position you as the expert.

Unique and valuable content that makes you stand out has a better chance of getting shared — especially when it’s timely or relevant to the season. Get started by thinking about what industry knowledge you can share to really get gardeners growing. Repost content from your blog or create a stylish infographic to get your message across.


Don’t be a robot on social media — get laughs.

Evoke positive emotions from followers and show that there’s a real person behind your brand’s social media page, one who loves internet cats, for example, just as much as everyone else.

When it comes to entertainment, however, make sure your garden business is not posting content that is off voice, offensive or pushes boundaries. Keep the peace and draw positive attention to your brand.


Finally, stay focused by sprinkling clear calls to action throughout your posts to get the biggest reward.

A call to action (CTA) is the driving force behind the interaction, engagement, clicks and shares your posts receive. If you want your followers to take action, MAKE IT CLEAR. Whether it’s clicking, downloading, sharing or commenting — tell your followers exactly what you need them to do.

Get your followers involved by asking a question that needs and answer or ask them to personally submit photos. Followers love to share and to see their content reshared by like-minded people.

Keep your social media strategy in focus by dropping quality seeds of education, entertainment and engagement into all three of your flower pots and success will come naturally.

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