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Four Ways to Turn New Hires into Superstar Employees

Posted by Courtney Kates on Thu, Jun 1, 2017 @ 3:15 PM

rawpixel-com-250087.jpgHiring new team members can be an extensive process. After browsing countless resumes, making tons of phone calls and holding multiple interviews, you finally find the perfect fit for your team.

However, the work doesn’t stop there.

The next step – training. Properly training an employee can have a huge impact on the role they play in the company. A well trained employee will be more knowledgeable and motivated, as well as more comfortable in their new position. But, all training is not created equal.

Read more to learn how you can improve your training process.Plan Ahead the new team member’s first day, develop a training schedule or action plan to set clear goals and expectations.

Set up meetings for your new hire to meet with other team members. Even if the new employee is working primarily in one department, have them meet with staff from other departments, too. If you work for a small company, have the new member meet with everyone in the office.

Knowing the roles each team member plays will help the new hire develop a fuller understanding of the company and its moving parts. They will also know who to approach with certain questions in the future.

Not to mention, meeting more people will make the new hire feel more comfortable on what can be a very nerve-wracking first day.

Ask Questions

One of the most popular things a new hire will hear is – do you have any questions? New hires have so much information thrust upon them in such a short time, they might not even know what questions to ask yet.

Be more specific when asking questions. Ask them to show you how to use certain operating systems. Ask them how they would describe something to a client. This type of role playing will help you learn what they know and what needs some work. It also opens up the opportunity for them to ask more specific questions about a certain task.


checkin.jpgCheck-in with the new hire in the first week. Invite them to lunch or a welcome breakfast. Confirm they understand key policies & procedures and they aren’t feeling overwhelmed.

Hold regular check-in’s for the first six months. Then have a 6-month review. Holding regular check-ins not only tracks the new hire’s progress, but also ensures they are comfortable in their new role. It opens up the opportunity for both parties to ask questions and provide feedback.

Even after the new hire is not necessarily “new” anymore, regular check-ins with employees provide a great opportunity to evaluate progress and set goals moving forward.

Constructive Feedback

Feedback is extremely important when training a new team member. It is important to give honest, constructive feedback to ensure they’re performing their tasks the best way possible. If something needs to be improved upon, give them ideas on how they can do so.

Feedback should go both ways. Getting feedback, both positive and negative, from new employees on the training process can help you improve in the future. This not only shows the new employee that their opinions are valuable, it will help future team members, too.

Above all – have a positive attitude. A friendly, welcoming environment can make a new job much less intimidating and way more fun.

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