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Everything You Need to Know About the Next Generation

Posted by Courtney Kates on Wed, Dec 16, 2015 @ 9:09 AM

thefoundersWe’ve talked a lot about the importance of marketing to Millennials.

But, who is next?

Last week, MTV released a new name for the next generation: the self-proclaimed Founders.

So, who are they...? 

Read more to learn about who the Founders are and how to appeal to this next generation.

According to MTV, the Founders are a growing network of teens and preteens born after 2000. While they have some habits and lifestyles similar to Millennials, they’re more than just an extension of the previous generation.

In order to appeal to this coveted target audience, it is important to consider their social media habits, diversity and new found identity.

Plugged In

While Millennials are known as the tech-savvy, social media loving, iPhone obsessed generation, Founders have been plugged in since day one.

Millennials were teens and young adults during the rise of social media, but Founders don’t remember a time without it. They arguably have a better understanding of new technologies than anyone who came before them.

As we all know, social media is not going anywhere. With this generation’s increased level of savvy, it is crucial for businesses to be on top of their game. Brands that don’t exist online and in the virtual world of the Founders essentially don’t exist at all.


Unprecedented Diversity

The Founders are one of the most diverse generations in history and they pride themselves on that. Instead of trying to fit in, they want to stand out. They value individualism and they are even more independent than Millennials.

In order to appeal to this sense of uniqueness, don’t be afraid to break the mold.

Creating products and campaigns that stand out from the crowd is becomingly increasingly important. The Founders seek customization and individuality.

They would rather set trends than follow them, unlike their Millennial predecessors, who tend to accept the trends and need the next big thing.


Research on this new generation has just begun.

The Founders have some defining characteristics, but there are still some distinctions that need to be made about their buying, spending and general lifestyle habits. Take advantage of that by trying new tactics. See what works and what doesn’t in order to be an active player in defining the habits of this new generation.

While marketing to Millennials is still important, be sure to keep an eye on this upcoming population of teens. They are young and the research is new, but they will soon be the sought-after target audience of new and innovative brands. 

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