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2016 Garden Trends Sneak Peek

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Thu, Aug 27, 2015 @ 9:47 AM

Lots of Millennial experts talk about how much time we spend on the internet. But, in truth, we never really leave the internet. Think about it. Our phones, tablets and other devices help us connect and stream at the touch of a button. Anytime. Anywhere.  

The 2016 Garden Trends Report recognizes this, and, urges industry leaders to embrace and adapt to new and ever-changing technology. Rising Millennials are constantly plugged in, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  

This year, consumers merge technology with nature, not as a distraction -- but as a way to explore, educate and entertain.

Continue reading for a sneak peek of the 2016 Garden Trends Report.

Garden Media Group, Garden Trends

Makers’ Lifestyle

The DIY movement gets a face lift as people shift from “doing” to “making.” Homeowners and renters alike want to experience outdoor living in a way that maintains a sense of home and familiarity but personalized to their tastes. They want to engage with outdoor environments in a more hands-on way.


Pet owners spend about $60 billion on their pets each year for food, toys and products to keep their four-legged friends healthy and safe. They believe, like eating nutritious food, the safest practice is to use organic lawn products and limit the use of potentially harmful garden chemicals.

Garden Media Group, 2016 Garden Trends

Precious Resources

The resources that we depend on to garden, particularly water, are limited and need protection. How to garden with less water continues to be a top priority. New technologies and plants offer the opportunity to protect and conserve resources with small lifestyle changes that will make an evolutionary impact on the gardening experience.

The full 2016 Garden Trends Report publishes Tuesday, September 8. Look to the Grow! blog for weekly updates about trends.

 Download Garden Media's 2015 Garden Trends Report to discover the nine new trends driving major industry shifts.

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