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Improve Content Marketing in Under 10 Minutes

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Mon, Aug 19, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

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Content marketing, brand journalism, inbound marketing, blogging. Call it what you will, but the concept is all the same. Creating content by your garden business about relevant topics for your target audience.

No longer are you reliant on traditional media sources to tell your garden brand's story. With content marketing, the power is in your hands.

Creating your own content is one of the best ways to connect with your audience, increase engagement, and improve SEO.

When investing your time in your content marketing plan, make sure you're doing it as best as you can. Creating killer content takes time, so be smart about your execution and promotion.

Read on to discover 5 ways to improve your content marketing in less than 10 minutes.

1. Consistent Content

One of the biggest factors of success with your garden business's content marketing is posting when you say you're going to post. If you want your audience to rely on you for timely, industry-relevant material, then you need to prove you're reliable.

Set a realistic goal, and post the same day every week.

Garden Media Tip for Success: Don't kid yourself and try to blog every day. The content will be sub-par. Instead, test the waters, and see what's manageable. The content you post reflects your brand, so make sure it's impeccable and well-written.

2. Laugh It Off

Since you're in charge of your content, you get to post it in whatever voice you like. You don't have to be super formal or outrageously objective. You get to humanize your brand, and mold your company's voice. It's insanely fun. Plus, your voice is one of the biggest advantages you have over traditional media.

When writing, sprinkle in humor. add memes, post funny videos, kitten pictures, whatever makes you laugh.

Individuals are reading your content because of course they want information, but they want to be entertained too.

This is just the beginning! As years continue, marketing and entertainment will intermingle even more.

3. Chop it Up

minimalism in content marketing, pr strategy,The shorter, the better. Minimalism is in in a big way. Readers don't have the attention spans they used to, so you need to whittle down the material you've got.

Anything longer than three scrolls is unlikely to be read.

Don't let your crucial information fall into the black-hole of the internet.

4. 60/20/20

If you think your blog and content marketing plan is nothing more then a platform to say "Buy More Stuff!," you've got it entirely wrong.

Content marketing should be split by the beloved 60/20/20 rule: 60% of your content should educate, 20% should inspire, and 20% should sell.

With content marketing, you've got to answer the questions your audience is asking--not just toot your own horn.

5. Image Exclusive

People love pictures. We now live in a time when story telling is visually, not textually, driven.

If you have a story idea, brainstorm about how you could tell your key points exclusively through images, videos, or memes.

When you use visuals that your audience already recognizes and connects with, half the battle is already won. They're engaged. Then, you can just caption the image with a tip of your own.

Plus, statistically readers finish 100% of articles and blog posts that are nothing but images.

Content Marketing is a Huge Trend Right Now. Learn Why Content Marketing Matters for Your Garden Business's Success Below.

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Special thanks to Content Plus for the snippet of a content marketing infographic!

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