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Trending Thursday: Yuccies are Not Yucky for PR

Posted by Nicole Guarasci on Thu, Apr 21, 2016 @ 9:37 AM

blog3.jpgWatch out hipsters! There is a new demographic out there: yuccies.

Yuccies are young urban creatives that thrive on making, experiencing and fighting for a cause. They make their mark by being inventive and original.

At the forefront of the maker’s lifestyle trend, yuccies emphasize creating experiences and a world for themselves. Their existence has helped the DIY movement shift from “doing” to “making”. These young individuals personalize their environments – from their careers to their personal brand to their backyard spaces.

Continue reading to learn about how brands can target yuccies.

They Experience the Outdoors

Yuccies are creatives who want to change their environment for the better. They use their talents to engage with hands-on products, especially when it comes to the outdoors. They want to get their hands dirty and turn nature into an experience, which is great for garden brands.

They don’t care about the costs, they care about what experiences offer to their life. For example, yuccies grow hops for backyard brewing,test natural dyes with fruits and vegetables and take vacations that offer rewarding volunteer experiences.


They Make Their Fortune Creatively

Everybody (or almost everybody) wants money. Traditionally, people have ventured down the typical career paths that almost always end lucratively. Yuccies are putting a stop to this. They are prioritizing their soul and their creative needs over finances.

They are entrepreneurs and the creators of the future world who care about being innovative and purposeful. They are choosing to graduate with more liberal degrees, or, taking pay cuts to start over in creative-driven careers.

According to Deloitte’s 2015 survey on millennials, six out of ten chose their current employment due to the “sense of purpose” the company provides.

To appeal to yuccies, public relations practitioners should take into account their need to express themselves and to embrace a cause. PR campaigns can benefit from these factors. Hosting contests that provide the opportunity to submit original work or ideas will attract yuccies to participate and get a company’s name onto their radar.


They Take Advantage of the Digital Age

Yuccies embrace the technology that goes hand-in-hand with being a millennial. As they have grown up, so has the internet, social media and mobile technologies. The internet has become the medium for their entrepreneurship goals which has allowed them to become successful on their own and not rely on a conventional career.

They love social media and have found their niches on the web. From a PR perspective, this makes yuccies the ideal group to target. Social media campaigns are already a staple for every company and since the young urban creatives are always scrolling through their feeds, all social efforts will be worthwhile. Make sure to use relatable hashtags to ensure your campaign will be seen!

To find even greater success with PR, focus on niches. Yuccies are finding and growing niche groups all over the internet.

Instead of doing the typical mass advertising efforts, focus on specific niches where your target audience lies.

You will find more success targeting a few individuals who you know will appreciate the brand and products then pitching it to millions who won’t.

Learn more about the maker's lifestyle and other trends in our 2016 Garden Trends Report.

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