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3 Simple Tips to Improve your Gardening Business Blog

Posted by Megan Psenicska on Wed, Apr 9, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Blogging, Garden blog, Garden Media GroupIt has been said time and time again: Your garden business needs a blog.

It's not just about driving traffic to your website, but a green, glorious company blog sets you apart as an authority in your field.

Plus, blogging is a great way to offer expert advice and gently remind your customers that you are the “go to place” for information and ideas, and heck, even products!

However, maintaining a garden blog is an investment of time, energy, and creativity. Fresh ideas and interesting topics that free flow in the first few weeks may be more difficult to come by on a regular basis.

Read on to discover 3 simple tips to keep your garden blog fresh and top of mind for your customer, too!

1. Partner with Other Bloggers

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Sometimes, a different perspective is all that is needed!

There are many talented garden bloggers who have built a following of dedicated readers who already trust and value their opinion. Get to know a few of these bloggers and see if you like their style and personality--and if they match your garden business' persona

If you think you are a good fit for one another, look into potential partnership opportunities. They may be willing to test product for reviews or submit guest blog posts. A new perspective and writing style may be all you need to boost readership and freshen up your own blog.

Blogger partnerships are a great way to increase your audience. Make sure you ask the guest blogger to share the content with their social network, which in turn exposes your company to whole new audience.

2. Optimize Calls to Action

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Every blog should have a call to action (CTA.) This is a graphic, paired with an action word, that offers the reader more info in turn for more info about themselves and pushes them down the funnel

Like many other things in the garden industry, blogging is about trial and error. Test out different CTA's.

Keep track of which ones are driving traffic to your site and which ones don't work. Even something as small as changing the color of the text or banner can impact who clicks and who doesn’t.

3. Improve Previous Posts

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Creating a brand new post is not always the best investment of time to boost traffic and conversion rates.

Instead, check the results and stats of past blog posts. Pay special attention to the ones that performed the best. Why did they? Was it the headline? Time of day posted? Guest blogger partnership? 

Then check out the ones that performed the worst, i.e., they didn’t get as much traffic as you had hoped. Maybe it's time to edit these posts, keeping in mind your top performing posts. How can you make the content shine? Here are some tips:

  • Keywords and SEO. What are the best keywords that drive traffic back to your website? Make sure each post is optimized for one of these keywords. Always have SEO in mind while creating new titles or editing posts. 

  • Revamp. Rewrite the title of your old post to include a keyword and make it more likely to appear in search results. 

  • Blog & Share. Share your blog on every social media platform. Post your blog post on your garden business Facebook page. Tweet it out 2-3 times a day (with a different title each time). Create a Pinterest board just for your blog posts. Join groups in LinkedIn, and then post, to your profile. Finally, share in Google+. Many of these shares can be automated to make your life easier.

Learn More About How to Convert Readers into Customers with your Garden Blog Below!

 New Call-to-Action

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