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Media Relations Case Study: Media Tours 101

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, Oct 30, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

media tours, how to media tours, media relations, how to media relations, suzi mccoy, garden media group media relationsOne of the most important tenets of media relations, and the one that gets talked about the least, are media tours.

20 years ago, media tours and press conferences were still hot stuff, but now, technology and video chats have made in-person media tours less popular.

But, when done right, media tours can wow the media, especially since they aren't as popular a tactic as they once were.

There's a media tour made for every budget, so no matter how much money you have to spend, you can still invest in a media tour this year.

Below are the different types of media tours that can work for your garden business.

What is a Media Tour?

Before we go too far, here's exactly what a media tour is.

A media tour builds relationships with the industry’s key media influencers and takes place either at their office, your business or somewhere of mutual interest.  

The goal of a media tour is simple. You want the media to fall in love with your company, your culture and all of your plants or products.

Why Media Tours Still Work

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Media tours work because they connect the most influential members of the media with the most influential members of your garden business. When these forces connect, you’re able to get to the heart of public relations: story telling.

Whether you choose to conduct a satellite media tour, host the media tour at your home base, or travel to meet the media on their home turf, one thing’s for sure: media tours deliver results.

A Media Tour for Any Budget

1. Going to Them = $$
2. Hosting Them= $$
3. Special Places= $$$
4. Virtual, Video, and Satellite Medium Tours= $

To Learn How to Host a Media Tour & See the Results for Yourself, Download our e-Book on Media Relations Below!

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