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Compelling Calls to Action on Facebook and Twitter

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Mon, Jun 3, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

calls to action on social media, facebook, twitter, garden industry, garden media groupSocial media is, of course, at its core about connecting with green, gardening customers. Here, your company is able to transcend the stigma of being a money-hungry business. 

On social media, your garden company is able to meaningfully connect by showcasing your sense of humor, ability to listen, and individualized responses.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram provide a medium for your garden brand to show the face and personality behind your product.

Yet, in order to truly succeed in the realm of social media, you not only have to have a presence, but your digital persona should produce. The fruits of social media are different for each business: increases in likes, profit, website visits, or loyal customers.

Whatever your garden business hopes to achieve on social media, you need to create effective, meaningful calls to action with our tips below!

On All Platforms

No matter the social site, there are a few tips that stand true.

Be Direct. When creating calls to action, there should be no mystery! Tell your followers what you want them to do. Retweet, Like, Repin, Etc.

Use Action Verbs. If you want your followers to take action, well then, it only makes sense to use action verbs. Again, be direct, be loud, and say what you mean!

Dangle the Carrot. Liking a photo on Facebook is fun and all, but what do your fans get for doing you a favor? If you offer an incentive, like a freebie, coupon, insider scoop, or a likes-only contest, your social media fans will be much more inclined to help you out.

Give a Deadline. An open-ended deadline could be on your page forever, and the more people see the same call to action, the less inclined they'll be to follow through. Provide a sense of urgency, or better yet a deadline!

Embrace the Calculator. When you first begin, try out several different calls to action to see what is the best fit for your specific demographic. Play with the language, incentive, color scheme, and timing of your call to action to see what works best for your garden business. If you're going to invest the time, you want to make sure you're doing it right by analyzing those social media measurements!

On Twitter

As far as wordplay goes, the following three phrases were the most successful at prompting retweets, which has been proven to be the best indicator of social engagement when using Twitter!

The Gold -- #PleaseHelp

This simple, most effective phrase focuses on lending a helping hand caused a 170% increase in retweets.

The Silver -- #PleaseRetweet

By writing out retweet instead of opting for the RT, your garden business will benefit from a 160% increase in retweets.

The Bronze -- #PleaseRT

Last but not least, the RT provides a 90% increase in retweets than when not used.


On Facebook

Facebook just recently changed the rules of their game. Now, garden businesses across the nation may use their cover photo as a call to action!

The Best-- Ask Fans to Like You

describe the imageNow, you can finally include a hip image with the phrase "Like Us!" with an arrow to the button to like. Again, make sure that your cover photo changes with the seasons and reflects your brands personality.

It's simple, but effective--especially if you hide content or offers until you get the like!

The Better-- Produce Leads

If you have a platform that tracks leads, send your Facebook fans there. At GMG, we're big fans of promoting our free e-books, or landing pages on our blog!

The Good-- Direct Traffic to Website

The website is where all of the magic happens, so it's always a solid move to direct consumers right to where you want them. Be forewarned, however, that your image in the cover photo should be different than your actual website. Dazzle them with the visuals here!

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New Call-to-Action

Snaps to HJMT for the colorful image!

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