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LinkedIn's Fatal Flaw

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, May 9, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

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While companies like Facebook and Twitter continue to duke it out, one social media platform stands alone: LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has never had any competition. It remains the only professional network.

Yet, there is one fatal flaw that millions of LinkedIn users are making daily.

Learn how to avoid the flaw and continue to stand out on LinkedIn!

Fatal Flaw

Digital networking is a totally different ballgame than in-person introductions, with no handshakes, no chit-chat, just business.

The whole point of having a LinkedIn profile is to make an impression, which will (hopefully) lead to a meaningful professional connection.

But, one of the most effective ways to actually stand out on LinkedIn is not taken advantage of: the personalized note linked to an invitation.

Just sending a LinkedIn connection invite with the generic "I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn," is akin to waving at someone across the room at a professional function and hoping they'll remember you.

The generic LinkedIn invitation is forgettable in every way and completely misses an opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd.

For a site centered on digital networking, countless professionals are missing out on a personal branding opportunity. 

Combat Mediocrity on LinkedIn

linkedin digital networking, garden media groupSending a LinkedIn invitation is much more serious than sending a friend request on Facebook. After all, this is a professional network, which means you've got to play by different rules.

The generic message is alright if you already know someone personally, but if you're connecting with an acquaintance, this is your chance to be different.

You've got to brand yourself as a thoughtful, personable business professional.

To do this, send a personalized note to all your new connections on LinkedIn.

Google the person and use resources to your advantage. Peruse their LinkedIn page, of course, but then, take it a step further. Look at their personal interests and hobbies. Discover what their business philosophy is. Try to find a snippet of their personality.

Synthesize all of this info into an unforgettable personalized note that will make your potential connection's day. 

By taking this step forward (and out of the typical LinkedIn crowd), if you meet in person your connection may remember your personal thoughtfulness for a more impactful impression. 

Networking with the New Mention Feature

mention on LinkedInTake your digital networking a step further with LinkedIn's new changes. The latest addition to LinkedIn is the mentioning feature, which is incredibly similar to the tagging feature on Twitter and Facebook. 

To mention a person or business, all you have to do is type their name into your status box, and then select them from the drop-down list. 

Then, whoever you have mentioned will receive a notification.

LinkedIn's mention feature is relatively new; it only debuted a month ago. And even though it feels familiar, be sure you're using the feature correctly.

Only mention businesses and people in ways that will develop an authentic, memorable connection. Again, this will look different for each mention because they must be personalized!

Mention someone when you share their content, add new points of discussion to a topic they recently wrote about, or mention someone you are inspired by. 

The mention feature is meant to create meaningful connections, so use it wisely!

Even though connecting on LinkedIn is done at the click of a button, make sure you're making an extraordinary impact by leaving a personalized note and using the mention feature!

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