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Crafting Blog Headlines that Readers Can't Resist!

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Wed, Feb 6, 2013 @ 9:00 AM
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Blogging is a must for all businesses anymore. Social media platforms only allow you to say so much, which is exactly why we link every single one of our social media accounts back to our blog. We have two blogs in fact since our business is two-fold: gardening and public relations/marketing.

Our blogs are a chance for us to really hash out important issues in our industry. We're able to show that we are an expert at what we do; plus we can connect back to our main website. Blogs can also link back to your e-commerce website.

For us, the most important aspect of blogging is connecting. We've connected with new clients, fellow industry leaders, and even print media moguls.

Moral of the story: you and your garden business should be blogging! But, if you need a bit more convincing, read our ode to blogging here.

Blogging is not just about business; it's driven by content. Your blog has to have well-written content that entices readers. Your first chance to do this is in the title, and unfortunately, it's an aspect that gets little attention.

Headlines on your business blog determine whether you'll get the traffic, readers, and hopefully, customers you need. Read on to discover a few easy ways to dazzle your readers with headlines they simply can't resist!

Be Creative

Now is not the time to be boring and typical. Flip through your favorite magazine; the titles there will have lots of flair-- meaning world play of all kinds (alliteration, puns, innuendoes, metaphors, etc). The titles will sparkle, and you can't resist being pulled in. Do the same for your blog headlines. Brainstorm, be funny, be original, or use your favorite words. Once you think you've found the winner, preview the blog name to a co-worker or confidant.

Preview Content

Your blog title should not only be outrageously fun, but it also needs to let readers know what they should expect. Try to summarize your content in five words are less. At the core, what is your blog about? The more direct you are, the more your readers will learn to trust your content and titles. People like to know what they're getting themselves into, so don't be mysterious. Lay all your cards on the table!

Don't let SEO rule you!

One of the reasons many businesses blog is to increase their SEO presence. BUT, when it comes down to it, blogging is about writing--that means you can't slaughter your content with a jumble of SEO words. Keywords should definitely be an element of your blog, but it should not rule it. Content and readability is more important than SEO. Plain and simple: if no one's reading your blog, then why the heck are you blogging?

Say NO to the Hashtag

As we already mentioned, we connect ALL of our social media to our blog. Yet, we have our limits. One of our cardinal rules is to never, ever, ever use a hashtag or at symbol in a blog headline. Adding these symbols to your blog does not make you look hip and trendy; it makes you and your business look like you don't really understand how the symbols work. Add the hashtags when you actually tweet the blog out, and not a second before!

Use Your Analytics

Blogs are a beautiful thing; you can easily see how many people looked at each page, and even what words people are searching for. Use your mind, and use the phrases or keywords people use the most. Also, if a few articles were getting looked at nonstop, try to write more articles about said topics, and then, add it to your headline.

Headlines may be just a few short words, but they truly are the difference between writing for your readers or writing for no one. Headlines are a writers' art. What are your tricks for crafting headlines? We can't wait to hear!

Check out our gardening blog, and see what you think!


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