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The Hottest 4 Social Media Tools that NEED to be in Your Toolbox

Posted by Emma Fitzpatrick on Thu, Feb 7, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

social media marketing tools trends 2013

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Blogging. Ugh, my head is already spinning! Anyone else's?? 

Social media plays a HUGE role in any modern, successful company's media plan, but it can also take up a good deal of time.

It doesn't have to, though.

Load up your social media toolbelt, and prepare to be amazed. These four tools outlined below will save you and your garden business oodles of time. Plus, time is money. Need we say more?


The five letters may look a bit intimidating at first, but in actuality, it's a phrase we already

social media marketing garden industry ifttlove: if this, then that. IFTTT is completely free and extraordinarily customizable. IFTTT lets you create personalized recipes to make working with social media easy. There are 59 channels, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Instapaper. Check out the entire, impressive list here. To craft your recipe, specify the this and the that. This is an action, like "If I post on Instagram. Then, this "that" could be "post a Tweet with a picture on Twitter." Viola! Spend a bit of time mixing and making a few perfect recipes to ease your daily life.

Schedule Your Pins on Pinterest With PingraphyPingraphy

Pingraphy allows you to schedule your pins, track your Pinterest analytics, upload Pins in bulk, and connect with influential followers. This Pinterest progeny is also free. All you need to do is sign in with your Pinterest account. Then, you can plan your Pins eons in advance and simply relax!

Future Tweets

Well, the name says in all! This website, again free, allows you to schedule your Tweets in advance. Set a realistic goal, plan ahead with Future Tweets, and watch your social media engagement sky rocket. By prepping in advance for your Twitter activity, your daily routine can focus more on responding directly to fellow Twitter accounts. Genuine engagement is the whole point of social media, and Future Tweets lets you have the best of both worlds! 



social media marketing mentionWe will always love Google Alerts, but another app is trying to steal our hearts! Mention goes a step further than Google Alerts because it checks ALL social media outlets, blogs, forums, news sites, and any web page. Plus, Mention can do so in 42 different languages. Impressive, right? Mention also encourages team work. With this website-- and app-- Mention works on any and all devices.  You can share important updates with co-workers. You can then assign another person to respond to said message. Streamline the process. Mention can be free, which would include three alerts a month, or your garden business can sign up for $20 a month for unlimited alerts. Try it free for a month, and learn that it's worth far more than $20. You'll be saving SO much time!

All of these social media tools are essential to working faster and better! Social media is a key part of any public relations media plan, and with these apps by your side, or in your phone, you'll be able to take the social media world with ease.

Find out what other trends are upcoming. Read our FREE Garden Trends 2013 Whitepaper below! 


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