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6 Steps to Rock Pinterest in 2016

Posted by Jourdan Cole on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 12:12 PM

2016 is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to refresh your garden brand’s Pinterest strategy. 

Over the past five years, Pinterest has become the second most high-powered search engine (behind Google) that delivers your content directly to target audiences that want to see it.

The best thing about Pinterest: content survives long-term on the platform. 

The second best thing, Pins continue to drive traffic back to your website long after you initially pin it.

A study by Piquora found that 40 percent of pin clicks happen within the first day, 70 percent happen within the first two days, and the remaining 30 percent of clicks happen 30 days and beyond.

This is truly social marketing gold. A tweet lives for about 2.8 hours (if you’re lucky) and a Facebook post lasts 3.2 hours. Pins practically live forever on the site and 80 percent of the images on Pinterest are repins, 

Get started creating your 2016 Pinterest strategy with these six tips.

1. Define your Audience using Pinterest Analytics 

Use the demographics and interests tabs within Pinterest’s analytics to find out more about your followers.

Create user profiles and pin content just for them. Remember that people use Pinterest for different reasons, ranging from discovery to “I know exactly what I want to do.” By helping users on every step of their journey you'll be their go-to source for content that is both inspirational and product-focused. 

See what your audience is interested in. If you see that garden and landscape design are popular interests for your audience, create more pins featuring your products in the garden to reach those consumers.

2. Create Boards for Men, the Fastest Growing Pinterest Demographic

Pins can be found by anyone searching the site — including men interested in gardening

If your brand isn’t catering to this group, it's missing out.

Men are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest, with the number of male users doubling in 2014. Lawn and garden boards from major retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s are drawing tons of male fans. Even sports teams have created their own boards catering to men.

3. Optimize Pins for Search

Gaining followers on Pinterest is the key to being successful, but it’s not the only way users can find your pins. Utilize keywords in your pin and board descriptions to increase the chance they'll show up in Pinterest search results and even be found by Google. 

Pinterest’s new algorithm means your followers may not automatically see your pins when they log into the site. Pinterest wants to show users new pins related to terms they previously searched, so related pins and promoted pins will automatically appear in their home feeds.

Use Pinterest's analytics to see what pins are already outperforming others and then capitalize on those keywords. Make sure your pin descriptions include more than just keywords, though.

People might mistake your pins for spam if you haven't taken the time to create a captivating description.

4. Fast Track Success by Pinning 15-20 Times a Day

Wait, that’s a lot of time to spend pinning.

Pinterest is an important part of your public relations strategy, give it the attention it deserves.

Like other social platforms, Pinterest needs to be updated with fresh content daily. Just make sure that you're pinning consistently. Pinning five to seven images a day will also help you to build your Pinterest presence. Pins don’t need to be original, they just need to blend in with the rest of your content. Show off different ways your product can be used. Repurpose your content. Pin your blog to multiple boards using different images.

5. Make Sure Pins are Readable on Mobile Devices 

Eighty percent of Pinterest’s traffic comes from mobile devices.

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. Install the Pin It button. If your image has text, make sure it's readable on a small screen.

6. Repurpose All Content 

When you create a great blog post, infographic or image, pin it.

But remember, not every one of your followers will see all of your pins. Refresh their memories from time to time and pin that blog post again when it's relevant.

Go back and check that your old pins don’t include broken links.

Ready to Pin? Start now. Use these tips and you'll be on the path to success in no time!

Want to know more about Pinterest? Check out our guide!

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