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Trending Thursday Throwback Trends: Curated Consumption

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Thu, Dec 1, 2016 @ 9:03 AM

In this week’s Trending Thursday post, we’re looking back nearly a decade to 2005 where the onlinehome-office-336377_960_720.jpg revolution was in full force.

People were just beginning to use the internet – which was easily accessible nation-wide – as a fountain of knowledge that helped them learn about new products like never before.

This widespread access to new information lead to consumers feeling overwhelmed by choices in garden centers and other stores. In order to combat this feeling, consumers turned to trusted personalities to help make choices for them.

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ask-experts.jpgCurated Consumption

In 2005, Curated Consumption was in and the “avalanche of choices” was out. Consumers were time starved and overwhelmed with the choices when it came to the garden.

To help navigate shopping experiences and make the process more efficient, consumers turned to “masters of consumption” including publications like Daily Candy, Lucky magazine, or a few opinionated bloggers to tell them what products to buy.

When it came to shopping, people wanted access to experts who would help them make smart choices for things like plant purchases and plant care advice. They also wanted easy access to these products, demanding that they’d be available in a matter of mouse click. 

New “Ask the Experts” sections on brand websites served as a way for companies to speak to the consumer directly.  

Flash Forward Capture-16.jpg

It’s safe to say that all consumption today is curated.

Unlike 2005, most people can't imagine a time where they internet wasn’t available. We’re connected at any given time though email and social media and it’s normal in this day and age to be bombarded with information about products and brands.

Facebook even curates the ads that show up on your feed based on the websites you visit.

Unlike 2005, consumers are extremely savvy and are able to cut through the noise online. One way they do this is through reviews on “trusted” sites like Yelp.

A special kind of influencer still holds a lot of clout when it comes to curating products as well. While they're are many, many more blogs, consumers still trust “ordinary people” who share their interests and post video tutorials, blogs and reviews online.

The modern consumer doesn’t necessarily trust big brands, as they know the motivation behind their efforts is to sell more products. Modern influencers act as a barrier between the brand and the consumer that speak to people directly.

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