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Trending Thursday: Navigate the PR Industry’s Layered Landscape

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Thu, Jun 9, 2016 @ 9:05 AM

Layered Landscapes are the new industry trend taking over yards in 2016. A 3-D yard rich with wildlife plant-tiering-landscaping-network_2676.jpgdefines a true layered landscape according to the 2016 Garden Trends Report.

While the term quite literally applies to the landscape itself, the essence of the trend also applies to PR.

Successful PR industry leaders serve a well-defined purpose, create a team that maintains a diverse skillset and avoid blind spots.

Continue reading to learn why the PR industry is layered landscape.

Serve a purpose

Plants that serve a purpose are at the forefront of the Layered Landscape trend. True layered landscapes focus on plants that are productive, and the same can be said for a successful PR teams.

The top PR leaders know that effective campaigns – no matter the client or the budget– begin with a clear set of goals and objectives. What is the purpose of the campaign? Who is the target audience? How will the client measure success?

Once a clear list of goals is set, managers can begin to exceed them.


Diversify your skillset

One of the most important aspects of a layered landscape is that is creates a community comprised of diverse plant species. This also rings true for PR.

When it comes to our industry, the most influential teams are made up of people with a wide range of skills. And with unlimited access to technology, skills needed to be successful are changing every day.  

According to PR Daily, essential skills for the future of PR include social advertising, video and audio production and business analytics.  Those looking to maintain a long-term career in this industry should focus on refining and expanding their skills when given the opportunity.  


Avoid ‘tree blindness’

The layered landscape trend warns consumers to avoid “tree blindness” when it comes to their yards. PR professionals should learn to avoid industry blindness as well.

Team leaders must learn to recognize problems that arise and quickly adapt when needed. The PR industry is anything but stagnant, and those who are resistant to change in regards to social media, technology or consumer needs will ultimately fall behind.

The PR industry is a layered landscape. Download our 2016 Garden Trends Report to learn more about this year’s trends.

2016 Garden Trends Report Call to Action

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