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Trending Thursday: Layered Landscapes Deep Dive

Posted by Samantha Arcieri on Thu, Jun 23, 2016 @ 9:47 AM

You know by now that the Layered Landscape trend helps attract local wildlife and encourages people to design yards that are built to last far beyond one season.

Native plants and diverse species help create a true layered landscape.

Continue reading for a look into the essence of layered landscapes.


Living landscapes

Out with the green and in with the trees! Lush lawns are “green deserts” that do little to nothing to attract wildlife and support local ecosystems. Layered landscapes are living landscapes that support and sustain local wildlife.


Plants with an impact

The trend of choosing plants that are both beautiful and productive extends to layered landscapes. Fill your yard with a variety of diverse species to keep it healthy. It will also help attract beneficial wildlife like pollinators.


Layer it!

To create a layered landscape, start with the tree line and proceed to plant native shrubs and flowers underneath. Maintain a healthy layered landscape by surveying your yard regularly to see what works.


Plant native

Native plants are indigenous to any given area and change depending on where you’re located. Native plants save water and require less care. They also help attract beneficial pollinators.


Applies to PR

The layered landscape trend extends far beyond the backyard and into the PR industry. Like the landscape idea itself, Successful PR industry leaders serve a well-defined purpose, create a team that maintains a diverse skillset.

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