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Make Your 2017 Resolutions Last

Posted by Olivia Ward on Wed, Jan 11, 2017 @ 9:32 AM

The holiday season may be behind us, but there is one more day of recognition just around the corner,download.jpeg National “Fall off the Wagon Day.”

The New Year is a time when motivation is at an all-time high, with promises of a lifestyle change. A year full of exercise and clean eating.

This “new year, new me” mantra might be enough to carry you through January, but once February 4th comes around, according to FourSquare, there are officially more “Check Ins” via social media at fast food restaurants than the gym.

Here is how some of consumers’ favorite green brands are taking strides to keep people involved and motivated well past February 4th.

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Whole Foods

pt_ymiym7a4-cel-lisboa.jpgOne of the most common excuses for making unhealthy food choices is the convenience factor. Going to the grocery store and preparing a healthy meal at home can take quite a bit of time, and the alternative of going out to eat can add up to be very expensive. Whole Foods has created a great third option.

With their shop online option, customers are able to order side dishes, appetizers, as well as fully prepared meals. In addition to this, select locations have even begun offering a delivery option making healthy eating a breeze.

Brands that take these initiatives can attract attention and motivate individuals to eat healthy by making it a convenient and affordable option.

As technology becomes more prevalent, consumers will demand convenience no matter what experience they seek. Successful brands will take this into consideration when developing new products.


Whether you have a busy day ahead or are simply feeling lazy, it is not hard for most people to talk themselves out of going to the gym. Not only do you have to invest your time, you also have to invest big bucks in gym membership fees.

Going for a walk or run, or even doing your own workout at home may save time and money but let’s face it, not all of us have that extreme motivation to get off the couch.

Nike has created Nike+ Training Club, an app with over 100 workouts complete with visual and audio assistance. It even allows you to connect with friends and post your workout milestones. 

A variety of other brands have followed suit in motivating individuals to work out at their own convenience. By adapting to consumers’ face paced lifestyles, athletic brands are able to attract attention and motivate their customers to not only purchase their athletic wear, but to live a healthy lifestyle in it. Everyone is connected in this day and age.

Brands that want to be successful in the future should focus on community and create ways for consumers to connect using their products.

These brands are going above and beyond to make life easier for you, take them up on it to enjoy a healthy lifestyle on your own time.

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