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Snapchat Revolutionizing Branding for Garden Industry

Posted by Lauren Grow on Wed, Mar 11, 2015 @ 9:00 AM

Since 2011, Snapchat, an app that allows users to take ‘self-destructing’ pictures, has taken social media by storm.

The innovative app has a rumored 100 million active monthly users making it competitive with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

PR teams behind events like the Superbowl and the Oscars, as well as various brands and news outlets have developed strategies and campaigns to appeal to Millennials - those that use Snapchat religiously.

In addition to promoting events, Snapchat has included a “Discovery” page featuring news, trending topics and entertainment features.  

Snapchat presents a huge opportunity for garden brands, as Millennials become a target consumer.

Continue reading to learn how garden brands can utilize Snapchat to reach a new target audience.

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Branding Success

In the past year, the platform has revolutionized branding, advertising and the way brands reach consumers.

Industry pros believe Snapchat will continue to change the way brands promote themselves to consumers, especially Millennials.

When it comes to reaching audiences on the mobile platform, traditional advertising tactics take a back seat in favor of stories told in 10-second increments.

Snapchat provides users with quick, simple content.

Companies like McDonalds, the NBA, General Electric and Mashable have changed focus from their fundamental social media campaigns to placing more emphasis than ever on the short-term, visually-stimulating and mobile platform.

Snapchat allows users to handpick what brands are put on their dashboard alongside their best friends and family.

While users can receive updates about specific brands they follow on Snapchat, they’re also national and international events on their story feed. These stories reach every user and receive millions of views over a 24-hour period. Snapchat advertisements are being sold for a hefty and non-negotiable price of $750,000.

Social Media, Branding, Snapchat, Garden Media, Gardening, Trends

Visual Captivity

With 100 million users, Snapchat has captured social media’s convenience factor. Users send and receive an unlimited amount of quick and easy content at any given time.

Recently, a Comscore report found that Snapchat was the third most popular social media application for Millennials, falling closely behind Facebook and Instagram, but surpassing Pinterest and Vine. Clearly, the platform needs to become the next target for garden brands.

The key to engaging consumers on Snapchat is to generate videos and images of products, employees, behind-the-scenes activities in the most casual and personal way possible.

Although videos and images are not permanent and are typically only viewed once, garden brands can become more reputable to millennial populations by creating an account and partaking in the Snapchat buzz.

Marketing Snapchat to Consumers

Brands with the most successful Snapchat accounts gain followers by producing original content often. They use the platform to tell an interesting story.

Garden brands and companies should encourage followers and loyal consumers to “add” the account on Snapchat by posting on their pre-existing social media accounts.

Similar to launching a new product, companies should focus on engaging Millennials with visually stimulating posts that consumers can identify and interact with.

Garden brands that tell their story on Snapchat will gain a loyal following and appeal to new customers.

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Topics: branding, trends, gardening, social media, Snapchat, Garden Media

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