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Why Honesty is the Best Policy When it Comes to Public Relations

Posted by Lauren Grow on Wed, Feb 18, 2015 @ 9:00 AM

On Saturday, Feb. 7, Brian Williams, renowned NBC Nightly News anchor said, “…it has become painfully apparent to me that I am presently too much a part of the news, due to my actions.” And this distraction has led to his stepping aside from his post at the Nightly News.

The anchor has recently been accused of lying. He quickly became the focal point of news stories in homes across the country as news stations reported on these accusations and his eventual fall from grace.

In addition to his suspension from NBC, his actions have caused people everywhere to question the integrity of newscasters.

Gardening companies can take a lesson from Williams. It begins with the basics written in communications 101 handbooks across the country – honesty.

Continue reading for more information about why honesty is an integral part of the public relations industry.

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Nuturing Relationships

Perhaps the strongest duty in PR is fostering and nurturing positive relationships with consumers and a company’s brand. Today, transparency is a necessary component to retaining and gaining customers. Which is why Brian William’s personal brand has taken heat.

If you make a mistake, own up to it.

And, if you fall short on any of these counts, consumers are not only prepared to vote with their pocketbooks, but will also encourage others to do the same — and these days, "others” no longer means one person complaining to another over lunch; social media is real and individuals have power.

Even if you may be sitting on negative information, it is better to be open with consumers and admit failings. The public will forgive you for mistakes, but not for covering them up.

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Gatekeepers for Brands

A report from Cohn & Wolfe, From Transparency to Full Disclosure, which interviewed 3,000 adults across the UK, USA and China, reveals that consumers in three of the world’s biggest markets rate “honesty and transparency” alongside price and quality when considering whether to buy a product or brand.

Public relations professionals serve as the gatekeepers of brands and are the link to the media for clients

Surprise product announcements, company scandals and general glitches can be everyday occurrences for PR pros. The importance lies in delivering messages to the pertinent people in the perfect way.

Public relations professionals are held to a high standard of integrity, which means we must remain consistent and ethical in practices, methods, actions, values and outcome despite the client and the situation. By doing so, we can ensure the reputation of your brand and the honest relationship between consumers and the media.

Take a page from the recent news of Brian William’s deception and apply these standards to your everyday operations.

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