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Trending Thursday: Tips to Make Your Garden Brand Pop

Posted by Courtney Brown on Thu, Jan 15, 2015 @ 9:11 AM

People aren’t just wearing denim anymore – they’re using it in the garden. 

The worn down hues of denim give off a comfortable and contemporary look to almost anything, including outdoor spaces.

The 2015 garden trend, Color Pops, has two faces. The first is all about standing out in the crowd and being noticed. This year, gardeners will rely on bold teal and pink to take their outdoor spaces to the next level.

The second is a more cool, vintage feel. Pastel hues and rustic textures like denim will make a statement, proving that all types of color can “pop” when paired correctly.

Having denim in your garden may seem strange, but that’s what makes it interesting to others and helps you personalize your garden space.

This 2015 garden trend not only applies to gardens. Brands that operate with a “Color Pop” strategy will gain more recognition and see a boost in sales.

Continue reading for tips on how to incorporate this 2015 trend into your garden brand’s media strategy.

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DIY projects are becoming more and more popular as consumers attempt to save money and use personal creativity to get exactly what they want.

Using DIYs for your brand can make more of an impression on your audience because you made an effort to make something interesting and unique compared to what can be simply bought in stores like your competition might do.

NativeCast‘s Pocket Planter stands out from the crowd. This handmade, DIY product is constructed from a concrete coated cypress plank and recycled denim jeans. The planter can be used indoor or out and comes on sisal hanging twine to make it quick and simple to hang, water, or soak plants.

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Social Media Stars

If a brand creates a great product and doesn’t post it on the internet, does it really exist? Yes, it does, and people need to see it!

Brands that utilize social media to show off unique projects on social media pull far ahead of the competition. Many people use these channels for research as well as entertainment.

Companies that are social media stars all have three things in common. They post often, create original content and attract new audiences through their work.

While some brands think the best choice is to stay inside their comfort zone and stick to what is known, stepping out of the box can be a very strategic and beneficial move.

Brands that expand creatively and “pop” in the market will attract a wider variety of customers and successfully keep audiences interested in their products. 

Download our 2015 Trends Report to learn more about Color Pops 

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